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Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Services in Greenwood, IN


Greenwood, Indiana HVAC and Plumbing Services

When you’re having difficulty finding quality services to repair or replace your home’s HVAC system, or solve any plumbing issues, you can turn to the team at Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing for all your home services needs. Johnson is a proud member of the Greenwood community, and we’re happy to help our friends and neighbors with a variety of home comfort services.

When you have a burst pipe or a broken furnace, make your first call to Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing for HVAC and plumbing services in Greenwood, Indiana.


Greenwood, Indiana:



Your time is important, so you shouldn't have to wait around for your technician to arrive. Put your mind at ease knowing we show up when we say we will.



No matter what the problem is or what time of the day or night you call, you can guarantee that your issue will be resolved in a timely and courteous fashion.


Our technicians are certified, background checked and drug tested so you can feel confident that your HVAC contractor has the skills and credentials required to work inside your home.



As a local, family-owned and operated company for over five decades, we think of our team as a family, and we treat every single one of you that way, too.


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Count on Johnson for 24/7 Emergency Service

No matter what the problem with your plumbing or HVAC system is or what time of the day or night you call us at, you can guarantee that your issues will be resolved in a timely and courteous fashion. Our 24-hour service means that whenever you encounter an issue with your HVAC or plumbing system, we’ll be able to come out quickly and handle the issue. Heating and cooling systems can also experience sudden breakdowns. When this happens and you need comfort restored to your Greenwood home fast, Johnson can respond.

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Greenwood, Indiana Heating Services

Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing is the total HVAC partner for residents throughout Central Indiana. We make sure that every household we service is comfortable and secure year-round. You can count on Johnson for quality replacement, repair, and maintenance services for a variety of heating systems.


When it’s cold outside, you don’t want to wake up chilly and then realize that your furnace has gone out. Before it gets cold outside, be sure to call Johnson to inspect and tune up your unit so it will be ready for the cold weather ahead. If you ever need furnace repair services, you can always count on Johnson day or night to restore heat to your home. If you’re sick and tired of paying for multiple furnace repairs, it could be time for a new system. Johnson can help you determine if you need a furnace replacement, help you find a new energy-efficient heating system, and provide professional installation for you. You’ll notice the difference in comfort right away.

Air Handlers

A broken air handler can make a room stuffy and uncomfortable, fast. We provide repair and maintenance services to your terminal units, makeup air units, and packaged rooftop units.


Many people worry that boilers are an outdated heating system, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Boilers have a reputation for being long-lasting, reliable, and incredibly energy-efficient HVAC systems. Johnson is proud to provide quality boiler repair and maintenance services. When the time comes to upgrade your boiler, Johnson can help you find a new unit too.

Ductless Mini Splits

Do you have a sunroom or another room in the house that you love to spend time in, but you can only do so in certain seasons because it gets too hot or too cold? A ductless mini split can provide comfort to these individual rooms easily. A ductless mini split system can also provide zoned comfort to your whole home with multiple systems. Talk to Johnson about ductless mini split installation, repair, or maintenance services.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the energy-efficient heating and cooling solution you’ve been looking for. One unit can do it all; heat your home in the winter and keep it cool in the summer. Since these HVAC systems run year-round, it’s important to stay on top of regular maintenance. Currently, there are many government tax initiatives that make heat pump installation more affordable. Talk to Johnson if you’re interested in learning more about adding a heat pump to your home, or if you need repairs for your current unit.

Greenwood, IN Cooling Services

Weather in Indiana can swing from one extreme to another quickly. Summer can carry temperatures into the 90s and beyond. Make sure you have a working cooling system to stay cool even on the hottest days.

Our AC services in Greenwood include all major brands and systems, and we’re able to meet every cooling issue you have with our expert team members ready to help. Whether through HVAC repair or replacement, we’ll work with you every step of the way to be sure we’re making the best call for your unique situation. Call us for help on any of the following cooling system services:

Indoor Air Quality Services in Greenwood, IN

Residents in Greenwood tend to worry about air pollution outside; however, it’s your indoor air quality that is often worse. Your indoor air is often more polluted than the air outside. Fortunately, you can easily add HVAC equipment to your home to improve the quality of the air. When you have better indoor air quality, it won’t just impact your health but can improve your HVAC system too. Talk to Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing for a test of your home’s indoor air quality. Once we make an assessment, we can provide you with the air quality solutions you need to make your home more comfortable, such as UV air purifiers.

Greenwood, IN Plumbing Services

Many homeowners think they can fix plumbing issues on their own, but they often end up making them worse. Call Johnson to fix what your spouse couldn’t. Our team of experienced plumbers can help with a variety of plumbing repairs and installations.

Backflow Services

A backflow device is needed if your home has a room below the level where your sewer comes into your house. This device prevents sewage and water from backing up into your home’s drains or other appliances. Have your water tested for backflow today.

Bathroom Plumbing

When doing a bathroom remodel, you want to have an experienced plumber install all of your new fixtures, toilets, showers, and tubs. You can also count on Johnson to provide bathtub and sink repairs if any of the plumbing appliances in your bathroom are giving you issues.

Drain Cleaning Services

A clogged sink isn’t just inconvenient; it’s gross. Stop wasting money pouring harmful chemicals down the drain, and solve the problem faster with drain cleaning services. When you have your drains professionally cleaned, you lower the risk of having bigger clogs in your sewer system later.

Gas Line Repair

Many people don’t realize that a quality plumbing company can also repair gas lines. If you’re looking to run new gas lines or recently had a leak, call Johnson to fix it.

Hydro Jetting Services

Big clogs that move through your plumbing and into your sewer line can cause big issues if they’re not taken care of. Hydro jetting can blast these clogs clear out of your system.

Kitchen Plumbing

Everyone has a vision of their dream kitchen. Talk to Johnson to make yours a reality. We can install sinks, garbage disposals, faucets, and other fixtures. We also provide repairs for sinks, faucets, and all kitchen fixtures.

Water Filtration System Installation

If you can’t stand the taste of the water in your home, stop paying for bottled water and have a high-quality water filtration system installed. Water pitchers with filters need to be changed regularly, and if you’ve neglected to do so, then your pitcher is no more than a big glass. A water filter will make sure that the water that comes out of every faucet will be cleaned and taste better.

Pipe Repair

A broken pipe can be a Greenwood, IN homeowner’s worst nightmare. Call Johnson for 24/7 emergency plumbing repair service.

Sewer Line Repair

If multiple drains in your home seem clogged, and you notice a terrible smell coming from drains around your home, you should have your sewer line inspected. Homeowners are responsible for fixing the sewer line between their house and the main, not the town. These repairs can be expensive, so make sure you get quotes from a couple of experienced plumbing companies.

Slab Leak Repair

Is it possible to fix a leak that’s under the foundation of your home? Yes – and Johnson can help. Slab leaks can cause water damage to your floors, walls, and ceilings. You may notice sudden warm spots on the floor in your home, low water pressure, and water stains. Be sure to address these issues as soon as you notice them to prevent more damage from occurring.

Sump Pump Services

Sump pumps prevent homes from flooding. They should be installed in the lowest level of the house, often the basement or crawlspace. When your sump pump isn’t working properly, you could have water or flood damage. Talk to Johnson to inspect, repair, or replace your home’s sump pump.

Water Heater Services

Johnson can install a variety of water heaters in your Greenwood, IN home. Whether you’re looking to replace your current traditional model with a new one or looking to upgrade to an efficient tankless water heater, Johnson is here to provide our expertise. If you notice a sudden drop in water pressure or no hot water at all, count on us to repair your tankless or traditional water heater as well.

We also provide maintenance for tankless and traditional water heaters.

Water Leak Detection

Has your water bill suddenly spiked and you’re not sure why? Does it sound like there’s always running water in your home, but you can’t seem to find where it’s coming from? You may have a water leak. Johnson can help you find the leak with water leak detection services.

Water Softener Installation

Indiana has very hard water. You’ve probably noticed the hard water deposits on glasses fresh from the dishwasher or streaks down your shower walls. A water softener can remove the molecules from the water that make it hard. Softer water comes with many benefits like cleaner hair, clothes, and dishes, as well as better-tasting coffee, tea, and foods boiled in water.

Whole House Repiping

Older homes in Greenwood were built with galvanized steel piping which is not common practice today. These pipes don’t last as long as modern piping materials and have been known to cause leaks. If you’ve found one leak in your home because of an old galvanized steel pipe, there’s a good chance that these kinds of pipes are all throughout your home. Talk to Johnson about upgrading your plumbing system with modern and sustainable piping.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Johnson is also happy to help Greenwood, IN business owners with all of their plumbing needs. A clogged employee bathroom toilet can be an unsanitary working condition for everyone. Have your plumbing issues resolved fast when you call Johnson.

Relax, Johnson Is On The Way

When you call Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing for help around your Greenwood area home or business, you can feel confident that you’re putting your trust in a business that will look to find the best solution that meets your needs, not ours. We’ve been serving Central Indiana since 1968, and we’ve earned quite a reputation for not just providing quality solutions but also for responding quickly. 

Our technicians are certified, background checked and drug tested, so you can feel confident in the technician that has the skills and credentials to work in your home. Our team has propelled us to the Angie’s List Super Service Award two years in a row! 

Schedule Service at Your Greenwood, IN Home Today

If you need a plumbing company with an excellent reputation in the Greenwood, IN area, call Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing. Once you experience our excellent service, you’ll want to trust us for repairs and service to your heating and cooling systems as well! We’re here to help with all your home services needs. Schedule an appointment with Johnson today.

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