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Are you an experienced Plumber or Heating & Cooling Specialist in Central Indiana?

Join the team at Johnson Comfort! Apply online by providing some brief information along with your resume and we will get back to you shortly! Or contact us for more information. Serious inquiries only. 

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What does it mean to join the Johnson Comfort Team?

Becoming a member of the Johnson Comfort Team means that you will join us as we stand in the gap to provide Safety & Comfort.

Our commitment to Honest Excellence is founded in service to our community, which we have proudly delivered since 1968.

From this foundation, we work to grow both as individuals and a team, in our pursuit to leave each family that we serve, safer and more comfortable than we found them.

To be a good fit for our team, you must:

  1. Raise The Standard: Honest Excellence is our creed, defined by meticulous attention to detail in all we do. We are not just doing a job; we are master craftsmen and women that provide clean water and protection from the elements to our community.
  2. Exercise Radical Responsibility: See it. Say it. Own it. We take charge to shape the outcome, rejecting excuses in favor of proactive ownership.
  3. Lead by Example: Leadership is for all, from our newest to our most seasoned Team Member, you are expected to lead by example.
  4. Cultivate Curiosity: Questions are powerful, ask as many as possible.
  5. Embrace Growth: We believe that if we are not growing, we are dying. Knowing that growth equals change, we meet it head-on, harnessing today’s opportunities to build the tomorrow we envision.
  6. Communicate Openly: Honest, direct communication is our expectation. As it is by shooting straight and speaking the truth that we are most effective.
  7. Innovate, Innovate, Innovate: If it can be done better, we will explore it. We pursue simplicity and love the question, “how might we do this better?”.
  8. Build Strong Community: Our bond extends beyond work. Every interaction is a chance to serve our community and one another.
  9. Restore the Dignity of Hard, Joyful Work: We strive to live each day fully rather than checking the block in a rush for the “weekend”. We work joyfully, celebrating the life we have to share.
  10. Bring Honor, Dignity, and Trust to the Trades: Our work provides the Safety & Comfort that our community needs to thrive. We carry this responsibility with pride, building trust through every action that we take.

Should You Apply?

Johnson Comfort is not a place for those seeking to just “get by”. If you are passionate about delivering exceptional service, eager to grow, and ready to contribute to a team that deeply values you, we invite you to apply today!

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