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Greenwood, IN Hydro Jetting Services

Greenwood, IN Hydro Jetting Services

Nobody likes a clogged drain. Whether it’s in your shower, kitchen sink, or toilet, a backed-up drain can quickly create an unsanitary environment. Just like other systems in your household, drain maintenance can prevent clogs from taking shape in the first place. At Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing, we offer hydro jetting services in Greenwood, IN to bust up clogs fast and keep the water running smoothly down all of your drains.

Hydro Jetting is one of the latest innovations in plumbing technology that the team at Johnson is experienced to handle. You can count on us for high-quality and skilled plumbing services in Central Indiana. Our team of plumbing professionals explains why hydro jetting is when you need it done, and some of its benefits.


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What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a process that involves the use of high-pressure water to remove debris, buildup, and obstructions from the inside of pipes.

Our hydro-jetting equipment utilizes a specialized nozzle that emits a focused, high-pressure stream of water to thoroughly clean the pipe walls. 

The force of the water effectively dislodges and flushes away accumulated grease, loose tree roots, scale, mineral deposits, and other stubborn blockages, leaving your pipes clear and free-flowing.

Hydro Jetting is powerful enough that it can help break apart major clogs that are in your sewer line, but it is also gentle enough to break up clogs commonly found in bathroom and kitchen drains. You can also have your storm drains and gutters cleared with hydro jetting as well.

How To Tell You Need Hydro Jetting Services

Hydro-jetting is an ideal solution for various situations, including:

Severe Blockages

When traditional snaking or plunging methods fail to clear a stubborn blockage, hydro-jetting provides a powerful solution. It can effectively break up and remove tough clogs, even in cases of excessive grease, solid debris, or tree root infiltration.

Maintenance and Preventive Cleaning

Not only is hydro jetting used for reactive blockage removal but also for proactive maintenance. Regular hydro-jetting can help prevent future clogs by thoroughly cleaning the inside of pipes by removing potential buildup and debris before they become significant issues.

Restoring Flow and Efficiency

If you notice slow drains, recurring clogs, or reduced water pressure throughout your plumbing system, hydro-jetting can help restore optimal flow and efficiency. If you have multiple clogged drains in your home, you may have a sewer line issue. Johnson can inspect your sewer lines and clear them with hydro jetting.

Ignoring clogged drains for long can result in sewer line damages which are very expensive to repair. By calling for hydro jetting services early, you can save yourself a major expense.

What Are the Benefits of Hydro Jetting?

Hydro-jetting provides comprehensive cleaning of the entire pipe, effectively removing all debris and buildup. It leaves the pipes practically like new, ensuring long-lasting results. Hydro-jetting is suitable for various types of pipes.

If your home is older and has an older and more fragile plumbing system, hydro jetting is still a good solution for busting through tough clothes. Residential, commercial, and industrial buildings can all benefit from hydro jetting. It can tackle different materials, such as PVC, cast iron, clay, and more.

Stop using chemical drain cleaners and home remedies to break up clogs. These solutions often only provide a temporary fix and can be extremely damaging to your pipes. Hydro jetting uses only high-pressure water to clean the pipes. It is a safe and eco-friendly method that does not introduce harmful chemicals into the plumbing system.

When you continue to rely on chemicals that don’t work, it’s like pouring money down the drain. Hydro jetting is a much more effective solution that is very affordable. Talk to Johnson about our drain-clearing services in Greenwood, IN today.

Ron Griesemer, Owner

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Tough clogs are no match for the expert plumbers at Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing. With hydro jetting technology at our disposal, you’ll be impressed with how fast water flows down your drains again. One simple appointment can benefit your plumbing system for years. Contact us today to schedule an appointment in your Greenwood, IN area home.

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