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Cooling Services

Cooling Services in Greenwood, Indiana

The Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing team has been the trusted partner for businesses and homeowners in Greenwood, Indiana for more than 45 years. We’re able to provide the expertise and reliable cooling services you need across every aspect of your cooling system. Just contact us, and we’ll be able to handle your issue no matter what it is.

Keeping costs down across the services we provide is a priority, whether we’re maintaining, repairing, or replacing your air conditioning unit. We understand that making sure we keep on budget for our customers is important, so fair and affordable pricing is all a part of the Johnson Heating & Cooling experience. When your home isn’t cool on a hot day, don’t sit and sweat, call Johnson for help.



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Johnson is On the Way

Being without a working cooling system on a sweltering hot day is an emergency. When you can’t find relief from the heat, you could be vulnerable to heat stroke. Cooling systems aren’t a luxury in Greenwood, Indiana, they’re a necessity in the summer heat. Johnson is available 24/7 for emergency repairs. Whether it’s a hot summer night or the 4th of July, you can count on Johnson for help.

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Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repairs

When the inside of your home is just as hot as the outside of your home, that’s clearly a time for air conditioning repairs. Oftentimes, cooling issues are caused by airflow problems. There are many possible reasons why you’re experiencing low airflow including malfunctioning fans or frozen coils, or a dirty air filter.

Air conditioning issues don’t just go away on their own, and they need to be addressed as soon as possible to make sure your unit will work properly in the future. We make sure to address every problem you have and set your cooling system up for hassle-free operation for a long time to come.

Central Air Conditioning Services in Greenwood, IN

The most common of cooling system found throughout Greenwood, IN, central air conditioning systems efficiently provide homeowners with cool temperatures throughout the long summer months. 

Air Conditioning Installation

Have an expert team work with you to find the right AC unit for your needs and budget, and install it quickly. A new air conditioning system will help you save money by lowering your cooling and repair bills.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Odd smells and loud noises coming from your AC are other reasons why you might want to consider an air conditioner repair service.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning systems need maintenance just like your car to keep them running efficiently and reliably. Central air maintenance can also help extend the life of your HVAC system.

Heat Pump Services

Many Greenwood area residents use heat pumps instead of an air conditioning system to cool their homes in the summer. Heat pumps are incredibly energy efficient and can both heat and cool your home, so they work great in every season.

Heat Pump Repair

Deciding whether it’s time to purchase a new heat pump is a tough choice. There are many factors to consider. If your heat pump is less than 10 years old and you’ve called an HVAC technician and they say the repair is affordable, it’s a good idea to repair the heat pump. Doing so will provide you with the service you need, while saving you from the costs of a complete system replacement

Heat Pump Replacement

When heat pumps become over 10 years old and need multiple repairs in a short period of time, that’s when it’s really time to start considering installing a new heat pump. Heat pumps should have a tune-up appointment done every 6 months, but if your system hasn’t been cleaned or maintained in some time and it’s needed many repairs, then it could be time for a new system. Talk to your heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality technician to see how expensive repairs may be. At some point, if certain components break, it might be more cost-effective to replace the system rather than invest in multiple repairs.

Ductless Mini Split Services

Ductless mini splits are air handlers that are often mounted high on a wall in a room. These systems cool the air by circulating it. Ductless mini splits are connected through a small conduit to an outdoor compressor which transfers the heat out of the home.

Ductless Mini Split Installation and Repair in Greenwood, IN

Many Greenwood, Indiana homeowners have a ductless mini split in a room that is frequently uncomfortable at certain times of the year like a sunroom or a finished attic. However, you can customize the temperature in every room with a ductless mini-split system installed throughout your entire home.

Once you have a ductless system in your home, you can continue to count on Johnson for quality services throughout its lifetime. Is your unit frozen or leaking? Johnson can come out and repair your mini-split. If you’ve kept your system off all winter long, but want to have it ready for the spring and summer months, talk to us about maintenance to make sure its in good shape before the season begins.

Other Cooling Services

The experienced team of HVAC technicians at Johnson has seen it all. We have a solution for every possible home cooling problem. We’ve worked with a number of air conditioners and we’re prepared to help you with other specific services in Greenwood to keep your home comfortable this summer.

Evaporator Coil Services

Evaporator coils in your air conditioning system or heat pump are what cool the air down before it blows into your home. These coils can get very dirty, which can limit their power. By talking to Johnson about cleaning your evaporator coils could be just what you need to get your home cool again. During your appointment, we will also make sure that your coils are working properly, and if they’re not, we can repair them.

Air Handler Services

A broken air handler can make a room stuffy and uncomfortable, fast. Call Johnson for maintenance or repair services to your terminal units, makeup air units, and packaged rooftop units. We can also install a new air handler system if yours is beyond repair.

Air Conditioner Filter Replacement

Air filters should be changed on a regular basis to keep your home’s air free of contaminants and to keep your HVAC systems clean. However, it can be hard to find the right air filter to fit your cooling system. When we provide air conditioner services to your home, part of our troubleshooting checklist is to check the air filter. Often, an air filter replacement can is just what your system needs to work as good as new.

Thermostat Installation

From smart thermostats to manual systems, our team offers thermostat installation services to residents of Greenwood, IN.

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Call Johnson for HVAC Technicians in Greenwood, Indiana Who Go the Extra Mile

No matter what your heating and cooling needs may be, Johnson can help. Our experts always stay up-to-date on the latest equipment and practices in air conditioning maintenance and repair. They’re able to handle your issue quickly and effectively while respecting your property, and they make sure that the job gets done right the first time. You’ll get the right HVAC service and trust in the job you had done so that you can enjoy the warm weather without worrying whether your cooling system is up to the task. Call us today for quality air conditioning services in Greenwood, Indiana.

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