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Greenwood, IN Gas Line Repair

Greenwood, IN Gas Line Repair

Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing has a diverse range of skills we are proud to offer to Central Indiana homeowners. Our team uses the latest technology, quality parts and tools to ensure the repairs we make last and our customers are completely satisfied with our services. The team at Johnson is proud to offer gas line repair services in Greenwood, IN.

Natural gas is used to power furnaces, fireplaces, stoves, and water heaters. When there is a leak in your gas line it can make your home a dangerous environment very quickly. Let’s explore how to tell if you have a gas leak, what causes them, and why you can count on Johnson for help with gas line repair services.


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Does Your Home Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

A sudden and unexpected rotten egg smell in your home is a sure sign that you’re experiencing a gas leak. It’s important to act swiftly to keep your home and family safe. This distinct rotten egg smell or sulfur smell is an odorant called mercaptan, which is designed to alert people to the presence of a gas leak in their homes.

Once you are sure you have a gas leak, be careful not to turn on any light switches, avoid using electrical devices, or use any open flames like matches or lighters either inside or outside of the property. Evacuate the home immediately. Once everyone is outside and a safe distance away, call the local gas company to report the leak. They will instruct you what to do and tell you to call an experienced plumber like Johnson to make gas line repairs.

What Causes Gas Leaks?

Old or Damaged Gas Lines

Over time, gas lines can deteriorate due to age, corrosion, or external factors like shifting soil or tree root intrusion.

Improper Installation

Poorly installed gas lines, connections, or fittings can result in leaks and pose a safety hazard.

Natural Disasters or Accidents

Severe weather conditions, earthquakes, or accidents such as excavation damage can cause gas lines to rupture or become compromised.

Appliance Malfunctions

Faulty gas appliances, aging components, or improper maintenance can lead to gas leaks within your Greenwood area home.

Identifying and addressing the underlying cause of the gas leak is vital to prevent future incidents and ensure the safety of your gas line system.

Why You Can Trust the Plumbers at Johnson for Gas Line Repairs

Plumbers are training not just in how to repair and install water lines, but gas lines as well. Experienced plumbers must stay up to date with local building codes and safety regulations. At Johnson, we keep our team armed with the latest technology and training regarding plumbing and gas line standards. These skills come in handy for installing gas lines as well.

To find gas leaks, the team at Johnson uses industry-leading tools to get the job done. Our plumbers utilize advanced tools and technologies, such as infrared point sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and electrochemical gas sensors, to detect gas leaks accurately. These methods enable them to locate leaks swiftly and efficiently, ensuring timely repairs.

Don’t trust just any plumber in the Greenwood area to fiddle with your gas lines. Call Johnson for quality fixes you can depend on for years to come.

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For Gas Line Repairs in Greenwood, IN – Call Johnson

No matter what your emergency situation is, you can relax because Johnson is on the way. With three Central Indiana offices, our team is quick to respond to repair gas lines in a timely manner. We also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, so you can depend on us day or night. Contact Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing for gas line services.

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