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Evaporator Coil Cleaning & Repair

Evaporator Coil Cleaning & Repair in Central Indiana

It’s important that evaporator coils fit the specifications of the air processing unit in your home. Johnson Heating & Cooling provides a comprehensive analysis of your AC unit to make sure it’s running at maximum efficiency. This includes replacing or repairing evaporator coils. We serve customers throughout Greenwood and surrounding areas in Central Indiana.


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How Do Evaporator Coils Work?

An evaporator coil looks like a metal grill with a series of wires or pipes protruding from its ends. Its job is to convert refrigerant so your home heated or cooled appropriately. The refrigerant is usually a liquid that turns into a gas used during the heat cycle, so your HVAC system can operate at its highest efficiency. In effect, an evaporator coil absorbs heat in the air and sends it back out conditioned to match the desired temperature.

What are Common Evaporator Coil Problems?

Evaporator coils are only part of a larger complex heating or cooling system, and due to their passage of heat and cold, many problems can arise. Dirt, dust, and debris buildup in your coils can cause a nasty backup and affect efficiency. Since the coils handle cooling as well, it isn’t always just the winter months when ice or frost can form to such an extent that they negatively affect air passage. There are a number of other items that can jam up an evaporator coil, such as rodent hair and mold growth.

One part of the evaporator coil that often exhibits a problem involves the fins: these may need to be either thoroughly cleaned or replaced depending on the severity of the problem. We will be able to tell what should be done through an inspection.

Evaporator coils can also start to leak, often due to corrosion of the copper or aluminum materials. We will help you solve the problem with a repair or replacement.

How Can You Prevent Problems in the Future?

Making sure the elements in your HVAC system are maintained and clean goes a long way in keeping your system in excellent working condition. This includes cleaning and replacing your evaporator coils when necessary. Proper yearly inspections can also help you avoid costly repairs.

Problems should never be ignored and must be addressed immediately. Our experts are prepared to meet the servicing need, to keep a home or business cool through even the hottest summer. The unit should be cleaned annually for best performance. We offer reasonable rates and a simple cleaning or maintenance call is far superior to merely dumping the unit. We strive to provide service within a reasonable time-frame and at a cost that suits almost every budget.

Johnson Heating & Cooling Inc. has provided this service to homeowners throughout Greenwood, IN for decades. Our professionals are prepared to offer quality service to local businesses and homeowners. Keep units in serviceable condition with service from Johnson Heating & Cooling Inc. Don’t delay, call today.

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