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Air Conditioning Unit Repair

Air Conditioning Unit Repair Experts in Central Indiana

Summer is always a tough season to get through with as much comfort as possible, but for Central Indiana residents, it can be almost impossible to stay cool all the time. Heat waves, muggy weather, days with unpredictable highs and the sun beating down all contribute to the uniquely harsh Indiana summer. With so many weather issues making it tough to stay comfortable, the one thing that you don’t want to go without is a central air conditioning unit that works properly.
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If the unfortunate happens and your air conditioning unit goes out during the middle of summer
you and your family will probably be in for an incredibly uncomfortable experience. In fact, if the weather gets hot enough, you and your family could even become entangled in a dangerous situation. High temperatures and no air conditioning can put individuals at a higher level of risk for conditions including heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. For children, the elderly and even healthy individuals and pets around the house, keeping your home cool during all of the hottest days of the season is immensely important in maintaining a safe and happy home. That’s why when your unit breaks down or isn’t working properly, it’s so important to find a solution to the issue as quickly as possible.

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If your air conditioning unit stops working

or just begins malfunctioning to the point where it won’t cool your home to the extent you need it to, the expert team members and technicians at Johnson Heating and Cooling will be available to help fix the problem and repair your air conditioning unit. When your air conditioning unit acts up during a heat wave, you might be used to having to wait for days on end waiting for an appointment, followed by lackluster service and then a high bill for the service you did get. Not with Johnson Heating and Cooling. Our team members have been serving Central Indiana since 1968, with the goal to constantly provide the best possible service and allow you and your family to get cool again quickly. We have fast, reliable service and competitive pricing to meet your needs.

Call us anytime, day or night, and an expert Johnson Heating & Cooling team member will come out to provide the emergency repairs to your air conditioning unit you’ll need to stay as comfortable as possible. As Central Indiana’s most trusted partners in providing air conditioning repair, we’ll be able to look at the issue with your unit, diagnose the problem, and solve your issue. Even if your unit does have such a large issue that replacing it might be the most cost-efficient option, we have the expertise to go over your options with you and provide the counseling you’ll need to be sure you stay happy with your service and have a cool home again in the shortest possible amount of time.




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How Much is it to Repair My Air Conditioning Unit?

The cost of air conditioning unit repair can depend on multiple factors including the age and condition of your air conditioning unit, what the issue you’re having with the unit is, the total time that it takes for one of our expert technicians to find and diagnose the problem, and the parts and time it takes to repair the issue. This means that there is hardly a standard level of cost for each repair, only relative different levels of cost to repair between different air conditioning repair services.

Some issues are quite simple to fix, and only require small amounts of parts and repair time. Others might take time to diagnose and then require several different parts and a large amount of labor to make sure that it’s fixed and won’t recur again. No matter the issue, it’s our promise at Johnson Heating & Cooling that your unit will be perfectly suited to meet your needs by the time we’re done, all at an affordable price that matches or beats any other expert partner in Central Indiana. Even if the issue means it’s probably best for you to simply replace your unit, we find low-cost models that are perfectly suited to your needs, so you know you’re always getting a good deal.

Proper Maintenance is Important

With how much of a hassle it can be during summer to repair or replace your air conditioning unit, it’s probably in your best interest to maintain and tune up your unit before it breaks down. Every air conditioning unit works hard in Indiana during the summer, and in order to keep working as well as possible even in the hottest of weather, you’ll need to arrange for regular tune-ups.

Tune-ups take care of all the small issues that arise in your air conditioning unit like loose bolts, lowering energy efficiency and dust buildup in your filters and unit. Not only will this keep your unit running better, longer, it’ll also allow your technician to identify problems before they get to the point where your air conditioner stops working. This means you’ll save money during the summer, keep cool, and get your cooling needs to be met on your schedule, not when your air conditioning unit decides to break down. Contact us for an inspection and tune-up today.

When Will I Know I Should Have Someone Repair My Air Conditioner?

While it makes sense to say that you’ll know you need someone to repair your air conditioner if it stops working, that’s just the most extreme case that would require unit repair or replacement. There are also common issues that can spell trouble for air conditioning unit owners, including having air coming out of your air conditioning unit that isn’t as cool as you want it to be, especially if it used to be cooler. Your air conditioning unit also shouldn’t be making loud rumbling or clattering noises when in operation. If you hear something along these lines, it could mean trouble with your unit. Additionally, if you’re noticing that your costs on cooling and energy are rising beyond what they’ve been in previous summers, that lack of efficiency means that there are issues with parts like your evaporator coil, condensing coils and air handler, to name a few. By scheduling a service call for an expert to come out and fix these issues, you’ll be able to keep cool before the unit completely breaks down. Timely service is essential in this case.

Replacing Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you find that you’re having increasingly frequent service calls out to repair your air conditioning unit, and if the issues seem to be mounting up, it might be time to consider replacing your air conditioning unit. More than one service call per month is a good benchmark to set, and beyond that, you may find that your benefits will keep diminishing and your costs will keep adding up. Some of the biggest indicators that it’s time to replace will simply be that your home’s temperature consistently isn’t matching what you want it to be on your thermostat, and bills that keep rising even as you maintain and repair the unit. Air conditioning units have a natural lifespan, and we can help you once you decide that your unit is too old, and needs to be replaced to provide the maximum possible comfort.

We always maintain up-front pricing across our services, with personnel who are courteous and respect your home and property on every call. We’ve been serving Central Indiana including Greenwood, Indianapolis and beyond since 1968, and we’re planning on being your partners in air conditioning unit repair for decades to come. With repair services from Johnson Heating & Cooling, you’ll know your family can stay cool this summer with a unit that’s in top shape.

Call us today at (317) 268-2678 for a free, no-obligation estimate on your next AC installation or repair. Schedule an appointment and allow us to diagnose and repair your air conditioner today.

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