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How Does Preventive Maintenance Ultimately Save Me Money?

Nov 7, 2014


Greenwood Plumber Preventive maintenance can not only save you money, but helps to protect your largest investment, your home. Even with preventive maintenance, it is a good idea to know or have a plumber ready to come to your rescue in case of an emergency.

Everyone should know how to turn off the water supply to their appliance and their main water supply to prevent flooding and damage.

Knowing this can save you money by saving on repair cost to your home. Preventive maintenance saves money because you won’t need a plumber as often and it lessens repair cost for plumbing and damage to your home.

Most people don’t have money to throw flush down the toilet, and, by the way, don’t! It won’t dissolve and may cause a clog.

Why Is This Important?

The fewer visits from the plumber, the more money you have in your pocket to spend elsewhere. There are simple habits, dos and don’ts, that will make plumbers visits less frequent.

A big “don’t” is pour cooking oils, grease and fats down the drain. You can repurpose old food containers for a neat way to put grease, oils, and fats in the regular trash. Containers such as jars with lids and coffee cans can serve this purpose.

Other Considerations to Take 

A good “do” is place screens in your drains to prevent debris from clogging them. Hair and soap is a problem for bathroom sinks, showers and tubs. In the kitchen, the biggest culprit is food. If you have a garbage disposal, running cold water when you use it and up to 15 seconds after you turn it off will clear food away completely.

Pipe maintenance can be done using a quarter cup of baking soda. Sprinkle it down drains once a month and rinse with warm water to move the powder further along in the pipes.

Next pour a cup of white vinegar in the drain to create a mixture that should stand in the pipes for at least a few hours, or, if possible, overnight. This helps to dissolve scum and bacteria buildup.

Then, flush with hot water. If done regularly the need for harsh chemicals will be eliminated. Check for leaks under sinks, around the toilet, and appliances to prevent damage to floors and walls. Preventive maintenance does save money by preventing damage and minimizing repair cost.

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