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What Consumes the Most Water in My Home?

Nov 14, 2014

Have you been paying higher water consumption bills? It can be frustrating when you had smaller bills and suddenly your water bill goes much higher.

As plumbers, we have discovered this situation quite often. We will offer a few suggestions on what should be looked at to bring your water bill back down.


This can be one of the primary ways a water bill can go up. If any of the water lines that are after the meter are leaking, it can drive your bill up. Even the smallest of leaks can make a water bill high. It is recommended that you have a plumbing professional check all your existing water lines for leaks.


If you have faucets or showers dripping, those drops can add up into dollars on your water bill. Some faucets can be rebuilt using new gaskets and seals. In other cases, investing in new faucets or shower-heads may be the wisest decision.

The Toilet

In many cases, the inner workings of a toilet wear out. The seal may be allowing water to flow past even when it hasn’t been flushed. A plumbing professional can easily rebuild this for you. It also may be a great idea to purchase a new water saving toilet. It may surprise you just how much you can save on your water bill just by using a water efficient toilet.

The Laundry

Water Consumption Another area that can use a lot of water is the laundry. The system your family uses in washing clothing can “make or break” a water bill. Do you have someone in the family who is washing 1 or 2 items on large load? It does save water to wash full loads, but make sure the amount of clothes match the amount of water.

It is beneficial to have a family discussion about how to properly do laundry. It also may be quite wise to invest in water saving washing machine.

There are other ways you can save water too. Consider storing rainwater to use in washing the car and driveways. Cover your pools and spas to prevent evaporation.

The key is being aware. Talk with your plumbing professional to see what more you can do to save on your bill.

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