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Must Know Water Leak Prevention Tips

Oct 24, 2014

Precautions For Water Leaks


Greenwood Plumber Always take major precautions when you discover leaks in the home. You never know if a leak can be a lot more consider than what it seems from the front. Instead of negating the issue, you may want to call a reputable plumber who can help you rectify the problem. Here are a few things you should do in case you notice some water leaks:

Take a look at your ceiling for brown spots

When it comes to a roof leak, there are some noticeable things. For example, if you notice big brown spots on your ceiling – chances are you have a roof leak. Be very careful not to poke the area because nine times out of ten, the leak didn’t start there. It would be bad to cause a domino effect and make your whole roof cave in. Also, you may want to take care of your valuable items in a worst case scenario. Put down towels or some type of plastic on your carpet. Also, you should move your precious items away from the site. Call a plumber and he can identify the issues. You may need new shingles or a full roof replacement. The sooner you handle it, the better you’ll put yourself in a more stable situation.

Things to do during a water heater leak

Water Leak If you notice a water heater leak, take the proper precautions to find the problem. If you notice that water is dripping, it could be a bit of a condensation issue. You may need to clean the flue out. Otherwise, call a plumber to handle the situation. If it’s the water valve, you may just need to tighten it up. Sometimes, a valve can be completely defective; replace the value if it gets to that point. In a predicament where the water is seriously flooding, it’s time to replace the water heater indefinitely. Water heaters can go pretty quickly if not given the proper maintenance. Keep an eye for water levels, condensation, and even corrosion to save a lot of money in the long haul.

While a plumber is on call to fix things, you should definitely check to make sure things are doable on your end. However, you should never be afraid to call when you feel an issue is out of your comfort zone.

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