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Clogged Furnace? Time For Inspection!

Oct 17, 2014


Greenwood Kitchen

When it comes to your furnace, it is extremely important to change the furnace filter rather often. This can be something you forget to do, as after all, it is out of sight so probably out of mind. However, if you are using a dirty, clogged filter, it is going to reduce the air quality inside of your home, not to mention it is going to push up your energy bill as the furnace needs to work overtime to push the head through the filter. Due to this, you always need to swap out the filter sooner, rather than later, but there are a few different factors you need to consider when it comes to this. Let us help you with our furnace tune-up services.

When Should I Change the Filter?

In general, you need to change out the filter ever three months, but you might need to swap it out even more frequently, depending on several factors. First off, if you have pets then you need to change it out before the three months. On top of this, if you smoke or if someone smokes inside of your home, it means you need to change the filter sooner. The filter is going to collect the smoke and pet danger, which clogs up the filter. Additionally, it is also going to prevent the filter from functioning properly, and it can push the smell of pet dander and cigarettes back into the house, which is why you need to trade it out probably closer to every two months. If you use a regular fiberglass filter, you need to change it out every month, while a washable filter can be vacuumed off and washed around every couple months or so.

When Should I Get My Furnace Inspected?

It is important for you to have your furnace inspected about once every year. While it might seem as if your furnace is working properly, because after all, you are receiving heat, but it might also be damaged as well, which can case some serious problems in terms of the quality of air you are receiving. On top of this, there are times where part of the equipment might be damaged, but you might not know about it until it completely breaks, which is going to be a rather costly repair. Instead, when you have the furnace inspected once a year, the HVAC specialist is able to correct the minor problems and prevent it from turning into something major. This way, you save money in the long run.

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