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What Does a Programmable Thermostat Do?

Feb 21, 2014

Advantages of a Digital Setback Thermostat


Greenwood Heating With heating and cooling costs always on the rise people are looking for ways to help reduce the monthly cost of keeping their homes a livable temperature. There are several ways to help to control these costs but the best single way to do this is to use a digital setback thermostat. A digital setback thermostat can help reduce the heating or cooling bill; this type of thermostat is really a money saver.

These thermostats can be set to heat or cool a home to a certain temperature and for certain times of the day or night. With traditional thermostats, the furnace or the air conditioner will run until it meets the set temperature and then continue to run trying to hold the temperature. This means that while everyone is out for the day these things are running maintaining temperature for no one.

Having a digital setback thermostat installed will allow the user to set one temperature for the home while they are out and another temperature while they are home. There are many however who feel that it takes longer to heat up or cool a home down if they change the thermostat throughout the day. This is really not true, and the start of this untruth probably came from someone who would benefit from a home that would be heating or cooling when no one is home.

Many of the digital setback thermostats have the ability to be set for several different times and temperatures. This allows the user to have it set and then forget about it. The thermostat will take care of the rest. Many of these have a very long life battery backing them up, so if the power goes out they will hold the information that has been programmed into them. When the power comes back on there will be no need to have to adjust the thermostat, it will be working like nothing ever happened.

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