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Tips on Keeping Your Home Warm During the Winter

Feb 28, 2014


Greenwood Heating Winter season brings some of the most extreme temperatures, with negative numbers easily being reached, every year. While it offers a chance to enjoy hot chocolate and wear those stylish boots and fur jackets when you’re outside, these cold months do bring a challenge – keeping yourself and your family warm and cozy. Leaving yourself exposed to the cold climate can cause various conditions including coughs and colds, influenza, pneumonia, etc. And since your family spends most of their time at home and the outside climate conditions are uncontrollable, it seems logical to take additional precautions and measures focused on keeping indoor temperatures within safe and normal levels. Here are tips and tricks on how to keep your home warm during the winter.

Make sure your home’s HVAC system is running smooth. A well maintained heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is not easily damaged from harsh environment changes. If it’s been awhile since you had your HVAC system checked for possible damages, it is best to have it done before winter to ensure you have sufficient heat when temperatures start to change drastically.

Dress for the cold. Thick clothing or multiple layers of clothing can help your body, especially your extremities, from freezing up during Winter. Although you plan to spend most of the days indoors, make no mistake of dressing inadequately as this can lead to hypothermia and other more severe conditions. Warm your head with a hat and your feet with thick socks. This way, you cut off the most common body areas where heat is expelled by the body.

Stay away from windows and doors. This is the thinnest parts of the house, which can easily cool up from the outside. If you like reminiscing the old days while sitting from the window, best to save the moments for more humid days. Replace your window curtains with thicker ones to lessen the cold air coming from outside. Stay near the heater if possible. If you live in a very big house, not all areas may be reached by hot air coming from the heater.

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