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Why is My Heating System Making Loud Noises?

Feb 14, 2014


Greenwood Heating There are several signs that your heating unit can be giving you that may imply a tune up needs to happen to get it back to proper working order. Even if your machine is receiving regular yearly maintenance, as it should, there is still potential that something may become faulty and prevent the machine from working as efficiently and effectively that it’s supposed to.

If you turn the heater on but little to no heat comes out and the area isn’t heating up as it used to, that’s a surefire sign that your heating unit needs tune up. Or you may be getting air, but the air quality is poor; if the air coming out of your system seems dusty and try, it may be because the air is not being filtered properly. If your heating system makes any loud noises, such as a banging sound, the machine’s ignition could be delayed or the blower may need to be adjusted. Heating systems are generally quiet machines and shouldn’t be making any loud, obnoxious noises. Well-running heating systems also won’t give off any pungent fuel smells, so if you’re noticing a faint burnt fuel scent in the air around your house, you (and anyone else in proximity) should leave the area and make the necessary calls to have the situation assessed and the problem fixed.

If you notice, while the heating unit is running, that the air is not properly dispersing evenly throughout all the rooms in your house and each seem to be of different temperature; your heating unit could also benefit from a tune up. A sudden increase in the utility bill, when it hasn’t been used more frequently or for longer periods of time, can also signify service is needed; a machine that has to work harder to be more efficient just to heat the same space, will only waste heat and money.

Like most equipment, heating units need regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and to ensure a long lifespan. If yours hasn’t been tuned up in a while, it’s about time that you let a professional take a look at it.

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