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5 Steps To Picking The Right Heating Contractor

Feb 6, 2014


Greenwood Heating There are many things you should consider when picking out the right HVAC or heating contractor. Pricing, quality and past experience are all important things to consider. Here are five steps you should take when picking out the right contractor.

1. Check if your potential contractor has the right licensing and is bonded by the state. This is absolutely vital to do when choosing your contractor. There are many people out there who may charge much lower than a properly bonded contractor but will do the job wrong. If they do the job incorrectly, this may cause you to spend more money in the future with unnecessary repairs.

2. Look at the referrals. Chances are you have some neighbor or friend that has used a heating contractor recently. Ask them about their experience. Chances are if they had a good experience with one guy, you will too. Word of mouth is very important in these types of businesses. It is imperative that you always check on the reputation of your contractor by doing a simple online search.

3. A good contractor will offer to inspect the property before making any estimates. A contractor that is knowledgeable will measure the airflow and check for possible leaks in the system.

4. Shop around before making a final decision. Be sure to speak to different contractors before choosing the one for the job, make them fight over you. Never should you go with the first choice without looking around first. Always shop around, check in with at least three to five contractors.

5. Get assurance that your contractor will provide the proper paper work. This is important in the event that something goes wrong or if there is a conflict regarding the completion of work. Be sure to ask for all the details in writing, the hours he (or she) worked, the cost of supplies and anything else requiring your payment.

If you follow those steps you should be able to find a quality contractor at a fair price.  Are you in need of a reliable heating contractor in the Greenwood area? Call us at (317) 881-7738 and schedule a service call today!

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