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High-Efficiency Furnace

Professional High-Efficiency Furnace Service in Greenwood & Central Indiana

When looking to install or service a high-efficiency furnace for your home, turn to the experts at Johnson Heating & Cooling to meet all of your needs and leave you exceptionally satisfied with your results. We’ve met the needs of Central Indiana homeowners for decades, and we’re able to help you meet your heating needs with your high-efficiency furnace system.
High Efficiency Furnace


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What Makes High-Efficiency Truly Highly Efficient?

When compared to the rates of efficiency in older furnace models, all modern furnaces are more efficient in the amount of energy they convert into heat. Modern standards, regulations, and technologies provide ways for manufacturers to provide ever-higher rates of efficiency, but there’s a difference between standard efficiency and high-efficiency models.

First, in order to tell the difference between these types of furnaces, you’ll need to know how efficiency is measured. Manufacturers operate according to annual fuel utilization efficiency (or AFUE) in order to determine what percentage of energy that goes into the unit is output directly as heat. For an average standard efficiency furnace, the unit will have an 80% AFUE, meaning 20% of the energy produced will be expelled from the unit as exhaust. This is far better than in years past when a furnace could be at 60% AFUE or below. However, high-efficiency furnace units operate at 90-95% AFUE, converting almost all the energy they take up into heating for your home.

Why Could A High-Efficiency Furnace be Right for You?

High-efficiency furnaces will be able to make a serious dent in your heating bill with their increased efficiency. With the same amount of energy intake, these units will be able to deliver much more heat overall and ensure that your home stays at a comfortable temperature with much less total energy and cost. Built from new materials and engineered for a high level of performance, you may also notice more even heating distribution and a lower level of noise throughout your system.

The Johnson Difference

Our team members are experts in high-efficiency furnace installation and maintenance, keeping your unit in top condition so that you and your family stay comfortable. We take pride in our work, and we take the time to ensure that everything is done right. Finding the right high-efficiency furnace to install and maintain can be intimidating, but we’re committed to being your partners in comfort. Call us and receive expert service by the company keeping Central Indiana comfortable since 1968.

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