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Boiler Installation and Repair in Central Indiana

Boilers are the most common type of heating system found in residential homes, opposite the furnace. Boilers are large, closed containers that heat and circulate water as part of the heating system. Contrary to its name, boilers do not hold boiling hot water. The heated water inside powers heating functions throughout the home. The boiler powers water heating, central heating, cooking, and even sanitation. 

Inside a gas furnace. Focus = the top of the middle flange


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Types of Boilers

There are a few different types of boilers available in the Central Indiana area. These include gas-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, and electric boilers. Gas-fired boilers are considered one of the most efficient options. These are also very durable, meaning they don’t break down very often, and they require less maintenance and repair than other types. Gas-fired boilers can be powered by natural gas or propane, natural gas being the more common choice. 

Water that is heated in gas-fired boilers is directed to radiators within the home. These boilers are also fuel-efficient because they can use the energy produced by the gas that is leaving the boiler with hot water. 

Oil-fired boilers are less common than gas-fired in Indiana, mainly Greenwood, Columbus, and Franklin, due to their access to gas. Oil-fired boilers are more common in places that have less access to natural gas. Heating oil is stored in a fuel tank, which runs in conjunction with the boiler. Oil-fired boilers are generally energy-efficient, but the cost of them fluctuates due to constantly changing oil prices. 

Electric boilers use electricity to warm the water to specific high temperatures. Once heated, an electric pump transfers the water to the radiators located in the home. These boilers are energy-efficient, quiet, and easier to install; however, they are on the more expensive side. Due to needing electricity to run them, they cost more to run monthly. 

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How Are Boilers Installed?

Boiler installation looks a little different for each type of boiler. For example, electric boilers are more compact, which makes installation easier. The first step for installation, aside from finding the correct type of boiler for you, is finding the right location for the boiler itself. It needs to be near water lines, gas lines, an outlet, and the flue for ventilation. It also must be on level ground. 

The installation then includes attaching all the right pipes in all the right places. For this, an expert, like our technicians at Johnson, would be necessary. A heating installation technician can make sure all the pipes are in the right places, that there is adequate ventilation, gas lines are hooked up correctly if it’s a gas boiler, and anything else to ensure the boiler runs smoothly.

What Issues Do Boilers Have?

Just like everything else in your home, boiler maintenance is essential. If your boiler is maintained correctly, you are less likely to run into any issues and need repair. However, problems can arise at any time and for any reason. While certain boilers may need different maintenance and repair than others, there are still common issues across the board. 

The following are a few of the most common issues that can occur, which will require service and possible repair from an expert. We at Johnson provide heating services to those in the Central Indiana area. Give us a call if any of the following issues arise and you require a heating system repair. 

  • The first and possibly most common issue is leaking. If the boiler is leaking, there is usually a problem inside. The leak can be due to the pressure valve, the pump seal, or something else. Leakage can lead to corrosion which may lead to the need for an entirely new boiler. 
  • Low boiler pressure is a common issue and is generally easily identifiable. Each boiler has a pressure gauge built into it. If the boiler pressure is too low, it cannot function properly. There could be several reasons for low boiler pressure, most of which need to be addressed by an expert. 
  • An obvious issue that might arise is that there is no heating or hot water even though the heating system is on. This issue can have many different causes: low boiler pressure, which can be checked on the pressure gauge. This can also be a result of problems with your thermostat
  • One thing that boilers can run into is frozen pipes, especially during the brutal winters of Indiana. The pipes are essential for transporting the heated water; however, the condensate pipes transport the condensate from your boiler to a drain usually located outside. This is the pipe that is most commonly freezing. This is less likely to happen if your boiler’s condensate pipe isn’t located outside. If it is, then there is a risk of the condensate regressing into the boiler, resulting in a blockage or the whole system breaking down.
My Boiler Is Making Weird Sounds

Just like most other machines, there are good noises and harmful noises that could be coming from your boiler. While the boiler is operating and firing up, noise is normal. However, if you suddenly start hearing noises you’ve never heard before, such as banging or whistling, there could be some severe issues in need of repair. Any unusual noises warrant a call to an expert technician to determine the problem as soon as possible.  

When Should You Get Your Boiler Fixed?

It’s essential to call an expert whenever an issue arises with your boiler, or even if you’re just suspicious of something going awry within your heating system. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Plus, if you wait too long to get it checked out and repair it, the problem could end up causing detrimental damage or a breakdown.

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