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5 Things to Do Before Turning On Your AC After Winter

Apr 18, 2022

Now that winter is over, and spring is here in Franklin, Indiana, it’s time to put your furnace to rest and kick on the air conditioner. But before you turn on your AC, you may want to take some steps to prepare it for summer. Since your AC has been dormant for several months, you may want to schedule professional air conditioner maintenance

With proper maintenance and care, your system will operate at peak performance you can rely on during the hottest summer months. While most AC maintenance requires the help of a licensed HVAC technician, there are some small tasks you can do yourself. Below, we look at five things to do before turning on your AC after winter.

1. Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

Your air conditioner has been sitting dormant since late September or October. It’s been sitting for up to six months in the harsh Indiana winter. As a result, the AC system may have problems you are unaware of. Turning your system on could worsen the problems and lead to expensive professional AC repairs. 

Before you turn the system on, schedule air conditioner maintenance. A technician can perform a comprehensive AC inspection to identify any potential problems with your air conditioner. What does an AC check involve?

  • AC safety check
  • Cooling efficiency
  • Coolant levels and pressure check
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Cleaning all major parts
  • Clearing the condensate drain
  • Electrical wiring and components inspection

If you are currently signed up for an AC maintenance plan, you may get a visit from your local AC company for a pre-summer AC inspection.

2. Change Your AC Air Filter

One of the DIY AC jobs you can do yourself is to inspect and change your AC filter. The primary job of the air filter is to trap particles that circulate through your house and back into the air conditioner. Since your AC draws in air from the outside, the filter traps these particles and prevents them from entering the house. For this reason, it’s good to change the filter regularly.

If you are a new homeowner and this is your first time changing a filter, the best way to learn to replace the filter is to read the manufacturer owner’s manual. If you don’t have a manual, find out what AC brand you have and download the manual online. Or you can ask a company that offers AC installation in Franklin, Indiana. 

The AC owner manual should have the following information:

  • Filter size and dimensions you need to purchase.
  • Filter type (flat panel, pleated, reusable, HEPA)
  • How often you should change the filter

3. Sanitize the Air in Your House

Dust, pollen, particles, and contaminants are more likely to circulate through your house during the summer. These tiny particles get into your HVAC system and your air conditioner outside. The most effective way to combat dust and particles during the summer is to install a UV air sanitation system.

A UV air purifier works by drawing air into your HVAC system and circulating it through the filter. The air is exposed to UV light, which kills up to 99.9% of all pathogens and microorganisms. When combined with the air filter, a UV air sanitation system is highly effective at cleaning the air, which preserves your HVAC system longer.

While UV purification does cost a little more on the front end, you spend less on air conditioner maintenance over the years because cleaner air is passing through the system.

4. Clean In and Around Your AC System

Cleaning your air conditioner is often included in professional air conditioner maintenance. However, you can also do some AC cleaning yourself. For instance, you can go outside and clean the AC cover, vents, tubing, fan blades, and other surface components.

Another area that you can clean is the air conditioner vents. Go through the house and look for the even in every room. If possible, try to pull the vent out and clean it on all sides. Clean the area around each vent and return it. 

You’ll also want to do a quick sweep around the air conditioner and the area around the HVAC system. If there is clutter around these components, the air cannot circulate properly. Plus, having items around the system presents a potential fire hazard. Clear the clutter away from your system and keep it clean.

5. Make Sure Your House Is Fully Insulated

One of the best ways to protect your air conditioner and boost its performance is to create a sealed envelope around your house. By ‘envelope,’ we mean that your home needs to be fully insulated. If you don’t have protection from moisture, air, and high temperatures, your AC system will work twice as hard to keep your home comfortable. 

You may want to perform a home efficiency inspection or pay someone to do an energy audit. Inspect the windows, doors, skylights, insulation, attic, and basement. Look for areas where you can insulate the house better to keep the sun and heat from getting in. Doing so improves your air conditioner’s performance.

Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance in Franklin, Indiana

Summer is around the corner. Now is the time to schedule air conditioner maintenance for your home. Johnson Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers complete AC installation, repair, and replacement services in Franklin, Indiana. To schedule service, fill out our contact form online or give us a call.

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