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7 Warning Signs Your Sewer Line Needs to Be Replaced

Apr 25, 2022

If you hear strange smells or sounds coming from your sewer line, it could indicate that you need sewer line repair. If so, you should address the problem right away. The sewer line channels human waste and other sewage away from your house. When the sewer line is broken or backed up, the sewage can back up your pipes. 

Sewe line repair requires the equipment and expertise of a team of plumbers who can dig down, identify the problem, and make the necessary repairs. In some cases, they simply have to replace a small part. In more extreme jobs, they may need to replace several sections of pipes. Below, we look at seven warning signs your sewer line needs to be replaced.

1. There’s a Spike in Your Water Bill

Although your water use fluctuates, your water bill should be fairly consistent each month. How much you pay depends on how much your household uses within 30 days. If you look at your bill and notice that it is higher than usual, it can indicate that more water is flowing through the system.

If there is a leak in the sewer line, it causes continuous water flow, which causes the meter to run. Since the sewer line is several feet down and requires specialized equipment for repair, you’ll need to contact a plumbing company that performs sewer line repair in Columbus, Indiana. A professional plumber can identify the leak and reseal your sewer line.

2. You Hear Gurgling Coming from the Pipes

The occasional gurgling sound is common in any plumbing system. However, constant gurgling is a symptom of a bigger problem, such as damaged or blocked pipes. When the water cannot drain properly in a blocked pipe, it releases air pockets, making gurgling sounds. You can use a plunger to release the blockage if it’s small.

However, if tree roots, grease, or calcium deposits cause significant blockage in the sewer line, you have a much bigger problem. A professional plumber may need to dig into the system to find the problem and use specialized equipment to clean or repair the sewer line. If the line is damaged, they’ll need to replace the joints or sections to restore the line.

3. The Water Is Slowly Draining

When there is a problem with the sewer, the water typically takes time to drain slowly. At first, you may notice a slight delay as the water goes down the drain. However, it becomes clear that there is a serious problem down the drain over time. You may attempt to clear the blockage with a cleaner or a snake, but it doesn’t work. 

Much of the water in Columbus, Indiana, is hard water, leading to limescale or calcium buildup in the lines. This type of buildup is more difficult to remove than food or grease. To remove the deposits deep down in the line, you need professional sewer line repair. A professional can provide a long-term solution that keeps the water flowing smoothly.

4. Your Yard is Soggy

If you have been out in the yard lately and notice that some areas are consistently wet, a leak could be rising from the sewer line. However, there could also be another source of the leak. Before you contact a plumber in Columbus, Indiana, check your basement, sprinkler system, or outside fixtures. 

If you don’t see any leaks coming from other sources, there is probably a leak from the sewer system. A leak that is strong enough to rise to the top of your hard means that there is a severe problem you need to deal with right now. The best thing is to contact a company that can perform sewer line repair right away.

5. The Smell of Sewage Lingers

There is a difference between the smell of sewage outside and the smell of sewage in your pipes. If you smell sewage every time you walk outside, there is likely damage somewhere in the sewer line. You’ll need to get the line fixed to restore the line and stop the sewage smell in your yard.

If the smell is coming from the pipes inside your house, a blockage is causing the sewage to back up. The smell is from hydrogen sulfide gas, which can be toxic and lead to health issues. Regardless of where you smell the sewage, you’ll need to address the problem as soon as possible.

6. Pests Are Attracted to Your Yard

Every yard has its share of pests. However, a soggy yard or a yard that has the smell of sewage attracts certain types of insects, bugs, bacteria, and other animals to the yard. One of the reasons for this is that sewage contains food, not just waste. So, don’t be surprised if you notice a wide range of critters crawling around the yard.

Animals attracted to sewage may include flies, moths, snakes, rats, mice, or other rodents. These animals may spend time in the yard or find a way into your house. When they do, you’ll probably need to contact a pest control company in addition to a plumbing company in Columbus, Indiana.

7. The Toilet Bowl Water Level Is Up and Down

Several things can cause fluctuations in the toilet bowl water level. For instance, if the plumbing air vent is blocked, it can affect the water pressure, which causes the toilet water to go up and down. The waste pipe coming out of the toilet bowl may not be positioned correctly. Or a porcelain trap may be filled with hair or other material.

Most plumbers recommend that the water level in your toilet bowl be one to two inches below the toilet fill valve. There could be a sewer line problem if you notice the water keeps bouncing above or below that line. 

Schedule Sewer Line Repair in Columbus, Indiana

If you notice problems with your plumbing and need sewer line repair, contact Johnson Heating Cooling and Plumbing. We offer complete sewer line installation and repair services in Columbus, Indiana. To schedule a plumbing repair, fill out our contact form or give us a call.

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