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5 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking and How to Fix It

Apr 11, 2022

If you hear dripping near the air conditioner or see moisture around the HVAC unit, the AC may be in need of air conditioner repair. Although most leaks are easy to fix, they are not always easy to find. Consequently, you may not know the leak is happening until you notice water damage on the floor or in the walls. 

For this reason, you should call a company that offers AC repair in Greenwood, Indiana. A licensed HVAC contractor can diagnose the problem and fix it according to manufacturer specifications, ensure that the job is done right. Below, we look at five reasons your air conditioner is leaking and how to fix it. 

1. Dirty Air Conditioner Filter

The Problem

The AC filter’s primary purpose is to trap harmful particles and purify the air in your home. The filter contains pores that are large enough for the air to circulate but small enough to prevent particles from getting through. Today’s AC units have advanced filters that do a good job of keeping the air clean in your home.

However, like any other part in your AC system, your AC filter gets dirty due to the ongoing circulation of dirty air in your house. As the filter gets dirtier, it reduces the air flow, making it harder for the air to circulate. The air contains moisture. The moisture forms ice crystals that collect in the evaporator coils. Once the crystals melt, they leak out of the unit.

How to Fix It

Once the HVAC company identifies a dirty filter, they can pereform an AC filter replacement. The HVAC technician can look at your air conditioner’s make and model and match it with the right filter according to the manufacturer guide. 

2. AC Drip Pan Leak

The Problem

An air conditioner drip pan (also known as a drip tray or condensate drip pan) collects moisture that drips from the HVAC evaporator coils. The tray spans the entire length of the coils to prevent water from dripping on the air conditioner. Without the pan, the moisture could cause severe damage to the system. 

Since the pan holds water, it is vulnerable to rust. Small holes form once the drip pan rusts, allowing water to leak. It doesn’t take long to spot a drip pan leak because the water will eventually find its way to the floor. 

How to Fix It

If your air conditioner is leaking, one of the first places the HVAC contractor will look to find the leak is the condensate drip pan. The leaks are easy to identify because they normally occur in the corners or along the edge. If the pan is damaged, the technician will simply replace it. If the leak occurs at the drain area of the pain, it may be a drain pipe.

3. Blocked or Damaged Drain Pipe

The Problem

An AC unit converts warm air into cold air by removing the heat from the air. The unit then creates moisture. The water needs somewhere to go, so the condensate drain pipe channels the water to the outside.

When The pipes wear out, they typically leak at the connections. Older pipes may rust or corrode. Naturally, they start leaking. One of the most common leaks occurs where the drain pipe connects to the drain pan. However, a leak can occur anywhere along the line.

How to Fix It

A leak can be difficult to diagnose since drain pipes can run throughout the AC system, which runs through the house. Your HVAC technician may need to get into tight spaces to find the leak. In most cases, they will need to either reseal or replace the portion of the pipe that is leaking. If the pipe is clogged, they will flush it out until it drains properly.

4. Low AC Refrigerant

The Problem

If the air conditioner refrigerant is low, the pressure will fall in the unit. When the pressure is too low, the AC evaporator coils will freeze. You’ll know when the evaporator coils freeze because you will see ice buildup on the coils.

Eventually, the ice will melt. When it does, it can flood your drip pan or cause blockage in the drain. As a result, water can drip over the pain and cause major flooding in the area around the air conditioner.

How to Fix It

If you notice ice buildup on the evaporator coils, turn off your AC immediately. Afterward, try to soak up some of the water in the drain pan beforee it overflows. Contact your AC technician to look at the problem. They may neeed to repair the refrigerant if they find a leak. Or, they may refill the refrigerant if it’s low.

5. Damaged Water Pump

The Problem

Your AC system may require a water pump or condensate pump if the water does not drain. The water pump flushes water out of the air conditioner through the drain pipe. Once the water reaches a certain level in the drain, the pump turns on and flushes it out. 

If the pump fails, the water has nowhere to go. It will back up in the drain and eventually leak out of the system. The pump is not always easy to locate. Plus, the pump is not always the first place you look because of other possible causes of the leak.

How to Fix It

While it is possible to fix a pump, a better solution is to hire a technician for AC replacement services. Damaged pumps can cause multiple problems over time and cost you more money in the long run. Your AC technician can simply replace the pump, which is a long-term solution.

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