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May 15, 2015

What are the Top 10 Plumbing Fixture Brands Recommended by Plumbers

Mississauga Plumber In order to get the best results from a plumbing project, it is necessary to go for the best fixtures. Plumbing fixtures are an investment for the entire house.

Hiring quality plumbers ensures that the best brands are preferred for plumbing fixtures and the results are as long-lasting as possible.

This is why plumbers have a few choice brands that they rely on. Here are 10 plumbing fixture brands that are plumbers’ favorites –

General Electric

This brand is known for its waste disposal systems, water filtration products, and water heaters. Its hybrid products are particularly famous and General Electric has a decade worth of experience backing its systems.


This company has been in the business of satisfying the best plumbers in the industry since 1932 and its product list ranges from flush valves and bath drains to faucets. High-efficiency lavatories are also offered by Gerber.

Little Giant

Plumbers prefer Little Giant’s pumps to any other brand because it has 50 years worth of experience and an amazing variety of pumps.


This brand is the best choice when it comes to customized plumbing projects and remodels. Their showers and faucets are easily the best in the industry.


Plumbers admire this brand not just for the experience but also for the quality of products when it comes to bathroom and kitchen faucets. Plus, they have special faucet lines for special requirements.


This brand has offered an amazing technology in toilets to the plumbing world called Double Cyclone™. They always focus on water conservation and reduction of wastage in their products.


This brand has become a household name in plumbing products and is one of the most popular brands in the world. All through the fame, the quality has never dipped.


Mississauga Plumbing-Fixtures

This is another faucet brand that has the honor of being the best company in North America when it comes to plumbing fixtures. Their key areas of focus include reliability, efficiency, and design.


Whirlaway specializes in waste disposal systems for both commercial and residential purposes. Plumbers recommend this brand for durability and longevity.


This Swiss brand is undoubtedly the last word in sinks made from stainless steel and plumbers choose it for projects that require long-lasting products.

These brands can single-handedly change the efficiency and results of projects when their products are installed by reputed plumbers.

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