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Don’t Sweat the Summer this Year with These Simple Ways

May 22, 2015

10 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat

Greenwood Air Taking measures to prepare your home for the heat of summer will not only help your cooling system run more efficiently, it will keep the house cooler at a lower cost. Here are the top 10 simple ways to prepare your home for the summer heat.

1. Cleaning Cooling Fan

Clear around the outside of the exterior cooling fan, then call a local HVAC repair professional to open the unit and carefully remove leaves, nesting material, twigs, and trash.

2. HVAC Maintenance

Calling your local professional heating and cooling repair company to provide preventative maintenance on your system will help the unit run more efficiently. These experts can easily spot any potential troubles and make the necessary repair before it turns into a serious emergency repair.

3. Cleaning Air Ducts

During the winter months, dirt, dust, and allergens all accumulate inside the air ducts and need to be cleaned. Having them removed will make the interior air easier to breathe and reduce the chance of black mold growing.

4. Repairing Window Screens

Giving the air conditioning a break during the evenings by opening the windows will be more beneficial if the screens are not in disrepair. Have the screen cleaned and repaired if they have holes or tears.

5. Sealing Doors/Windows

Small cracks around the doors and windows can allow treated cooled air to easily escape, causing the cooling system to have to run longer to treat the home.

6. New Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help to lessen the interior temperature without the cooling system to have to be running full time. Install ceiling fans in the hottest rooms of the house to help control utility costs.

Greenwood Energy Efficiency 7. Inspect Thermostat

Now is the time to switch the thermostat to cool, and then check to see if the programmed settings are working correctly.

8. Install Attic Fan

During summer months, the attic can easily reach temperatures in the high 100 degree range. Installing am attic fan will allow that heated air to escape, cooling down the home.

9. Room Darkening Shades

Room darkening shades help to reduce the amount of direct sunlight in a room, keeping the room temperature at comfortable levels.

10. Change Filters

Depending the number of air filters in the cooling system, change them frequently to ensure the system runs effectively.

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