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Where’s That Odor Coming From? May Be Your Disposal

Dec 5, 2014

Garbage Disposal Odor Issues


Greenwood Plumber What Can You Do When Your Garbage Disposal Starts to Smell Terrible?

If you have noticed a foul smell coming from your garbage disposal, you are probably wondering what is causing and how you can get rid of it. Do not risk hurting yourself to get rid of the smell. Read on to see what can be done to fix the problem fast without causing any danger to yourself.

What Causes the Smell?

There are so many things that go through your kitchen sink every day and your garbage disposal is even worse. Almost every day you are putting uneaten food in that space.

Sometimes, things happen and the garbage disposal malfunctions. When this happen, stray food particles are likely getting stuck instead of continuing to go down the drain.

Another likely scenario is that bacteria has formed in the garbage disposal because of this remaining food in the area. When this occurs, it can be very difficult to remove the odor without the help of a licensed plumber.

How Can I Get Rid of The Smell?

The only way to really get rid of a foul odor in a garbage disposal is to remove the sludge that has been created by the food and bacteria. If you try this at home, you could risk severely hurting yourself and you may not even get everything out. Once you have removed the smell with the help of a plumber, you should do everything you can to avoid this occurrence in the future.

One of the best ways to do this is to clean your garbage disposal after every use. You can do this by rinsing warm water and a little bit of dish cleaning liquid down the drain. The best way is to fill your sink up completely with this mixture then unplug the drain so it washes through it completely.

Garbage Disposal What Should I Avoid Putting In My Garbage Disposal?

As a rule, you want to avoid this incident from happening to do. To do this, there are a few things you should not put down your garbage disposal.

Vegetables can be stringy or fibrous and can easy get caught in the blades so they should not be placed in the disposal.

You should also never put grease or oil in the disposal. Pasta is another food that can easily get caught in the blades.

If you believe something runs the risk of getting stuck and resulting in an odor, you should avoid putting it in your garbage disposal at all.

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