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A Thermostat Upgrade Can Save You Money!

Nov 28, 2014

Can Upgrading Your Thermostat Save You Money?


Greenwood Heating How Does a Wi-Fi Thermostat Work?

A Wi-Fi thermostat is an automation device that controls temperature. The thermostat works in concurrent with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit in your household.

A thermostat that is controlled by Wi-Fi is convenient because it can be regulated wirelessly from your phone, computer or tablet.

A Wi-Fi thermostat has the capability of learning your actions, and it will regulate based on the ambient condition such as humidity. Also, these types of thermostats can display the energy consumption in your home.

A convenient feature of Wi-Fi thermostats is you would rarely have to alter the programming of the device manually because when it learns the patterns of usage in your home it will begin to adjust automatically.

You also have the benefit of determining your cooling and heating choices based on your energy savings goals. Depending on the brand you purchase, some models have sensors that will decide when someone is expected to return home. The thermostat can determine rooms in your home that is used the most and will target those rooms, and this will ultimately enhance energy efficiency.

Will a Wi-Fi Thermostat Save You Money?

Yes, you can conserve money by purchasing a Wi-Fi thermostat. The amount of money you save is solely dependent on how complex the thermostat you purchase. If you choose a basic thermostat you could save as much as 15% on your energy bill.

Models that are more elaborate can save you a minimum of 20% or more because your HVAC is always utilized more resourcefully without ever compromising the contentment in your household.

Thermostat Upgrade So, you can expect to save approximately $300 to $400 every month. Your heating and cooling system will also last longer because you won’t have to utilize it as much.

Overall there are several benefits of buying of Wi-Fi thermostat because of the ease of usage, the flexibility, the savings cost and it’s efficiency.

Smart thermostats allow you to take control of your household’s heating and cooling system by providing an additional level of convenience that could never be possible with just a standard thermostat.

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