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5 Ways to Use Less Water

Jan 15, 2016

If Planet Earth has your attention, you know that water is not plentiful. In drought-ridden areas world-wide, water has proven that it is absolutely essential to our existence. It’s important that you take the first steps toward a more sustainable lifestyle in your Greenwood home starting now! Here are some tips to help.

If your Utility Company has your attention, it could be that you’re simply using too many gallons of water. Here are suggestions to help you use less water, saving the earth and money on your utilities.

Greenwood, IN water-usage-tipsservices 1. Start with the obvious – leaks

Even a tiny leak wastes a surprising amount of water. You can do many repairs yourself, or any plumbing contractor can locate and seal the leaks. Caulk is cheap.

2. Save gallons in the bathroom

Start with easy ones, like turning off the water while brushing your teeth. This simple rule saves four gallons a day!

To use less water to flush, put a brick in the toilet tank. It displaces water, requiring less water to fill. Wrap the brick in fabric so that the crumbles don’t stain your tank.

See that you have a low-flow showerhead. This saves over 100 gallons for a week of showers.

Most baths use 70 gallons of water! A quick shower, seven minutes or less, uses much less water.

3. Save loads of water in the laundry 

Most people don’t know how to create the most water-efficient load. Saving just one load per week saves 40 gallons!

Load the machine as you regularly would – then throw in an extra pair of pants. You’ll see there is no difference in cleanliness.

4. Kitchen water savings by the gallon

Hand washing uses more water than running a properly-loaded dishwasher.

If you do have to hand wash, use the smallest-possible pan to fill with water. Then turn off the water while you soap dishes.

Rinse the dishes only briefly before loading into the dishwasher.

Don’t run the dishwasher until completely full. This also saves electricity.

5. Change your attitude

Begin to think of water in drops or cups. Imagine that you have an only a limited supply per day. This makes it easier to re-think your usage patterns on a daily (or hourly) basis.

These are just a few examples of how you can save. Your new attitude about water usage will have you finding even more ways to save! Low-usage households save up to 35% in utility bills, without inconvenience or sacrifice.

Put savings in your pocket by cutting the water use in your Greenwood, IN home. Call Johnson Comfort today at (317) 881-7738 to see what you can do!

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