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Best Ways to Unclog a Tough Sink!

Jan 22, 2016

Plumber Recommended Techniques for Unclogging a Sink

Plumbers are skilled professionals, and they use several recommended methods for unclogging a sink. Many of the methods homeowners might try can cause damage to the pipes, so it is important to only use the techniques recommended by plumbers – or call for professional help.

Greenwood, IN draincleaning_720 Snakes and Augers

Plumbing snakes and augers are an essential tool for professional plumbers. They come in a wide range of types and sizes, including small manual hand snakes for sinks and huge electric or gas-operated augers that can clear sewer lines.

Although augers are simple in design, they can be difficult to use, as the wrong kind of auger or an auger used improperly can cause damage to the plumbing. They can also get stuck inside the plumbing and may require professional expertise to safely remove them.

Hot Water

Sinks are often clogged by hair or grease, and hot water can help open up the drain and get it flowing again. It is a simple, potentially effective starting point that can often yield a good result or at least give the plumber an idea of how badly the sink is clogged.

If the clog is minor, a sink plunger may also assist in breaking it up. Be sure to plug additional openings in the drain line before plunging – such as the second bowl drain in a kitchen sink or the vent hole in the front of a bathroom sink.

Remove the P-Trap

The curved drain pipe under your sink is called the P-trap, and it is designed to create a seal by holding water which prevents sewer gases from entering your home. As the low spot in your plumbing system, it also traps debris in the drain of your sink which makes it a spot that is prone to clogging. Removing the P-trap can often reveal the source of a clog.

If the P-trap is made of PVC, it will likely be easy to remove and replace. However, it’s important to not remove the P-trap if you’ve just put hot water down the drain – wait until it cools. Additionally, don’t remove the P-trap if you’ve recently attempted to unclog your drain with a chemical product.

Call a Professional

If all else fails, calling a professional plumber is always a good course of action. They will have the skills and the best-quality tools to do the job quickly and well.

Unclogging a sink is a job for the pros. Call Johnson Heating & Cooling at (317) 881-7738 for plumbing service in your Greenwood, IN home!

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