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What are signs that my AC needs a tuneup?

Jun 13, 2014

Signs that Your AC Needs a Tuneup


AC Tune-Up As the warm weather approaches, may people will be turning on their air conditioning systems for the first time in several months. One of the ways that you can safe yourself money in costly repair bills is to have the small problems addressed before they become big emergencies. Our air conditioning technicians can show you a few of the common warning signs that there might be a potential problem. This way you can schedule an inspection and one of our specialists can address the issue quickly.

The Dusty Ducts
When you turn on the air conditioning system and notice small dust particles emitting from the air ducts, it could be an indication the system needs maintenance. When your air filter is clogged to the point it can no longer contain dirt particles, they will begin to accumulate and spread through the system. While a dirty filter is a simple fix, the damage it could be doing to the air handler and blower could be significant. The unit has to work much harder to try and force air through a filthy filter, and catching it early can be the difference in a cleaning and a replacement.

Warm Air in the Home
When you notice the air coming out of the ducts is warm, you should call our technicians as soon as possible. While this could be as simple as a blown fuse or loose wire, it can also be the unit has lost freon and needs a charge. If the system continues to run without freon, you could be causing permanent damage to the expensive components that cool your home. The sooner this is addressed the better.

The Noisy HVAC Unit
The unit should basically run like a whisper when it is working properly. If you hear any types of banging noises coming from inside you must call a technician. The inside of your system has a blower and motor that have internal parts that normally run without making much noise. Any noise could be an indication that a part may have stopped working properly or has come loose.

The key to limiting the cost of a repair is having one of our air conditioning specialists at your home the day you see a problem. This will limit further damage until the problem has been professionally diagnosed.

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