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How to Choose an HVAC Contractor

Jun 6, 2014

HVAC Repair Some of you may be looking for an HVAC contractor. if you are, there are some things you need to be aware of, before making your choice.

1) First, you might want to ask your friend and family who they have gone with. We might have serviced them in the past. We get referrals from a lot of our customers. So check with those you know first. They might know something that you don’t.

2) Always make sure that you go with a company that has the right license. Most of our legit companies will have the licenses displayed properly in the office area. You can find out which of us have the licenses, by contacting one of two places.

a) A government agency

b) Your local contracting company.

These places should have the updated information that you need to look for. When we do come to your door, ask us to show you the documentation. If we are legit, we won’t have a problem in doing so. Ask us to provide proof of insurance too. Most of our reputable companies will have insurance to back up our claims. It’s also good protection. Good for us and for you, the customer.

3) Visit the BBB and check out our ratings. If one of our companies has high complaints and low ratings, look into someone else. If you don’t, you are only hurting yourself.

4) Ask us for the references. If we tell you that we have client referrals, ask us for the copies. Ask us to show you the proof. This is the only way you will have piece of mind.

5) Does our company do proper inspections? Do we do timely repairs? These are all things you need to know. Your best bet is to offer bids to three companies. See which one of us does the better job. See which one of us is true to our word.

6) Ask us for details of the work we do for you. Get it some form of writing. If we are reputable, we will have no problem in doing so.

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