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Repiping Services in Central Indiana

When it comes to oldplumbing systems that seem to be on the verge of failing, it is important to get a trusted opinion before making any huge leaps in terms of replacements. At Johnson Heating & cooling, we’ve run the gamut when dealing with old piping: repairing old lines, replacing new lines, and even repiping entire systems. There are many reasons to repipe, but first, let’s take a look at the symptoms that would lead us there.
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If you would like to upgrade your old piping, or want peace of mind from constant plumbing issues, consider repiping. Call us at (317) 881-7738 to learn more about the process.
When Should You Repipe Your Home?

The age of your pipe system is a large factor when deciding whether or not to go ahead with a repiping project. The simple fact is, older plumbing systems have more problems.

Other indicators that a repiping job is in order:

  • Your home still has galvanized piping installed–these are prone to corrosion
  • Your water supply suddenly tastes of iron or rust
  • There are constant leaks from different areas of your system

Looking deeper into these issues will tell us that old piping tends to rust easy, and this rust then leads to clogged or inefficient lines in other areas of the home. Constant leaks are also indicative of thin piping being eaten away by chemicals in your water. The biggest sign that you need to repipe, though, is if you still have galvanized piping; this piping material is often seen in older homes and has been known to rust easily.

What’s the Ideal Repiping Material?
So you’ve decided that you have enough issues with your plumbing system and want to repipe. What material will do the job?

We often recommend PEX piping to our customers. It is a plastic composite that has become more and more popular on the market. It is much more cost effective than other materials, such as copper. With PEX piping, you are less likely to run into leaks or issues with rust.

Whether it be a plastic pipe, galvanized or metal pipe, or copper pipe, we are trained to fix them all. The benefits of a plastic or PVC pipe is the fact that they are easy to replace. The damaged pipe can be cut away and a new piece of pipe glued to the existing pipe. This type of pipe, however, can freeze and split in freezing weather.

If you have galvanized pipe in your home, a torch is used to bleed the fittings to the pipe. This type of pipe has been used extensively in older types of homes and businesses. One advantage is the fact that it radiates heat from the hot water moving through the pipe. As qualified technicians, we bring the supplies necessary to replace the pipe that is leaking and provide repiping throughout your home.

What Happens During the Repiping Process?

Now let’s take a look at what a repiping job consists of. When repiping an entire system, you are looking at a thorough procedure. We will start off by shutting down your water supply to keep the pipes dry while we work. We will then systematically dismantle your old piping. When that job is done, we will install the new PEX piping, or another material we find best suits your needs and budget. A repiping job is not always the best solution, but it is an effective way to solve problems such as old, ineffective piping. Quality repiping services help eliminate stress caused by recurring plumbing issues.

When you need a plumber, our company, Johnson Heating & Cooling of Greenwood, Indiana, services all plumbing needs in a quick and reliable way. We have been in business since 1968, and we guarantee all the work we do. Our professionals and licensed technicians are here and ready around the clock to help you with your plumbing needs. We provide a quality service.

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