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Lets Prevent the Frozen Pipes this Season

Nov 6, 2015

Prevent a Burst Pipe in Your Home

A burst pipe is a serious emergency. It can lead to all kinds of problems including flooding, the destruction of flooring underneath the pipes and the inability of the owner to have heat or hot water in their Greenwood home for a prolonged period of time.

Greenwood, IN Burst Pipe Prevention Services Homeowners need to do all that they can to make sure that they avoid this scenario. A homeowner who is able to make sure their home’s pipes do not burst is a homeowner who can be confident they know the pipes will always be in good working order and that they need not worry about the plumbing in their house.

Getting a Professional

Many steps can be taken to reduce the possibility of a pipe bursting. One of the most important of all such steps is conducting an annual maintenance check of all pipes.

Any Greenwood homeowner should consider hiring a professional once a year to examine the entire piping system.

The professional can easily spot any potential problems with the pipes that that may lead to additional problems in the future.

A professional will also conduct necessary preventative steps to help reduce such possibilities as well as clear up any minor problems they find during their examination.

Proper Insulation

One of the ways that pipes burst is because of exposure to cold air. As the cold weather approaches, this can be a particular problem. This is why people find that it is helpful to make sure that all the pipes in the house have the right insulation. Pipes that are properly insulated are pipes that will be protected against the cold.

Insulation is easy to use and widely available at many hardware stores across the nation. Consulting with a professional at the store can help any homeowner figure out the best way to have such insulation installed in their house with as little fuss as possible.

Keeping a House Warm

One of the best ways to keep the pipes from bursting is by making sure that the house is heated to a specific temperature. A house that is too cold is one in which ice may accumulate and damage multiple structures within the house.

Heat is vital. The heat must reach all parts of the house to be effective. A homeowner should investigate the kinds of heating options they have on hand in order to help determine which ones are right for their specific needs.

Avoid a costly pipe burst with these key tips! Call Johnson Heating & Cooling at (317) 881-7738 for repairs in your Greenwood, IN home.

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