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Don’t Suffer from the Terrible Odors Anymore

Oct 23, 2015

Reasons to Install UV Air Sanitizers

From using anti-bacterial cleaners on our eating surfaces to earthquake proofing bookcases, we are always looking for new ways to improve the quality and safety of our home environment. The air we breathe, in our homes, is also of paramount importance.

Greenwood, IN uv_air_sanitizing_360 Proper maintenance of our home’s heating and air conditioning air filtration system is instrumental in the quest for optimum environmental quality and is typically maintained through the routine replacement of the system’s high-efficiency particulate arresting (HEPA) filter.

But there is more that can be done to ensure the air we breathe in our homes is the best it can be. UV air sanitizers are the latest technological advancement in home air purification and can provide a number of health and safety benefits.

Eliminates Mold and Bacterial Growth

Before an air conditioner is able to reduce the temperature of the inflowing air, it must first remove all the entrapped moisture. The moisture that is removed from the air is typically captured in a drip tray and then allowed to drain outside of the home.

In a perfect world this simple process would pose no danger but as we all know, we do not live in such a world.

For any number of reason, these drip trays and drain pipes can remain wetted thus creating the perfect environment for mold and bacterial growth. Spores liberated by air passing over the mold and bacterial growth become part of the air we breathe in our Greenwood homes and in some cases can create a health hazard.

A UV air sanitizer actually destroys the cell structure of the spores which eliminates the air born hazard.

Odor Abatement

Besides being a potential health hazard, mold and bacterial growth can possess a pungent odor which will permeate the home if spores are allowed to be carried out with the passing air. Again, the use of a UV air sanitizer destroys the cell structure, destroying the odor along with the spores.

Reduces Maintenance

The destruction of mold and bacterial growth, in the air stream, prevents their buildup on the evaporator coil of the air conditioning unit, eliminating the need for costly cleaning and maintenance.

Healthy air, the elimination of odors and lower maintenance are three great benefits received from installing a UV air sanitizer in any Greenwood home’s air conditioning system.

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