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Get Your Heater Back with a Tune-Up Service

Mar 6, 2015

 Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune-Up


Greenwood Heating Heating System Tune-Up

As a qualified and licensed HVAC repair and maintenance company we understand the issues that are associated with the continued maintenance of a heating system.

An HVAC system or furnace can be an expensive appliance to repair, in our opinion it is far more economical and time saving to invest in an annual Fall tuneup that can make sure a heating unit is working correctly before the first cold times of the year hit a home.

No Heat is Available in the Home

Making sure that a heating unit is working correctly is the aim of our company, we make sure that your heating unit is working correctly before the Fall arrives and the heating is required.

The most obvious and main symptom of a problem with the heating system that is in need of an annual maintenance checkup is a lack of hot air moving around the system. This could include the air being forced through the system being cold or a lack of air moving through the system at all.

High Utility Bills

A heating unit is one of the most expensive appliances in any home when the system is not working properly. As a qualified HVAC company we understand the need to keep utility bills as low as possible, the Winter months can be expensive when cold weather strikes and the need for a high level of heating in a home or business is required.

High utility bills are a sign that there is a problem with a heating unit that is working too hard to provide the level of heat required to keep the property comfortable. If a heating unit works inefficiently the system itself will struggle to keep up with the required heating level and be on for a longer time than is required.

A System that Turns On and Off Often

Greenwood Heater Tune-Up

The heating unit that does not work correctly is often found by our technicians to turn on and off at irregular intervals.

A heating unit that is not working correctly will often struggle with the simplest of tasks and turn on and off before the property has reached the required temperature the residents hope for.

Is the heater in your Greenwood area home not working quite like it used to? Call Johnson Heating & Cooling at (317) 881-7738 for a professional tuneup!

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