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Garbage Disposal Will Make Your Life Easier

Feb 27, 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal


Greenwood Plumber When thinking about ways to upgrade homes, one of the home features most often sought after is a garbage disposal function.

Not only are garbage disposals cleaner, and create a more pleasant home environment, but they are also sought after for many other reasons.

For those considering adding a garbage disposal consider some of the following reasons for adding disposals to homes.

• home cleanliness
• reduction of odors
• instant removal of waste
• environmental friendliness
• reduced bacteria
• convenience
• higher home value
• saves time and money
• reduces clogs and repairs
• easy to clean


The first thing to consider with garbage disposals is cleanliness. Homes without disposals must place scraps from meal preparation and meal time into the trash. For those that do a lot of cooking this means a large amount of scrap collecting in the trash each day and week. It also means bad smells. A garbage disposal reduces smells and gets rid of scraps of food instantly.

Having a home garbage disposal also means environmental friendliness. It’s always best to find ways to reduce mounds of trash in landfills. Garbage disposals help accomplish this. Scraps are placed in the sink, not in the trash can. This means less garbage not only in the home, but in trash heaps, which is better for the environment.

It also means reduced bacteria. As food lingers in kitchen drains bacteria and mold can collect that can be harmful to health. Garbage disposals remove this problem from households and create a safe living environment.


Another reason to consider a disposal is convenience. It’s much more convenient to be able to simply put food scraps in the sink than to have to dispose of them. A modern kitchen includes a disposal, so having one gives kitchens a much more updated appeal, and increases values of homes. Homes with modern conveniences sell much easier than those that don’t.

Greenwood Garbage Disposal Services Saving Time and Money

Garbage disposals also save time and money. They decrease the need to pay plumbers to repair drains. Food can be a problem in kitchen sinks, as particles escape down drains when washing dishes, and clog drains. Having a garbage disposal system means homeowners save on expensive repair costs.

They are also easy to clean, with water and ice, or a packet of disposal lemon bleach. Disposals offer more value to the kitchen and home than almost any other appliance. They also offer years of use and safety to any household.

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