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Get Your Greenwood Home Ready For Winter

Sep 4, 2015

Energy Efficient Features of a Heat Pump

A heat pump is designed to transfer heat from a colder area of a home into warmer area through the use of mechanical energy. These machines are normally included within a home as part of its HVAC system.

They work by taking cold air from out of an area of a home and converting it into the warm air that can be used in other rooms of a house. Heating pumps have many benefits for homeowners who decide to have them installed within their Greenwood residence.

The top 3 energy efficient features of a heat pump will be described here so that homeowners can get a better idea of what they have to offer.

Greenwood, IN Heat-Pump-Services Saves Money on Fuel Costs

When a person installs a heat pump onto their Greenwood property they will be able to save up to 30% off of their yearly energy costs.

Depending on the size of a person’s home and the number of occupants within a residence this could equate to at least a thousand dollars a year in savings.

Heat pumps are able to provide savings like this because they divert the heat within a structure to where it is needed the most.

Keep in mind that when a regular gas furnace home heats up, it ends up wasting energy. Why? Because the heat is spread throughout every room of a house; even when people are not using the energy within some of the rooms.

A heat pump ensures that a home gets heat into the rooms that are being used by occupants. This way it will not be wasted in other parts of a house that are rarely being used.

Energy Efficient Heat Pumps are Better for the Environment

At least 40% of all emissions that are released into the air is derived from residential heating. A heating pump will reduce the number of excessive gases being released into the atmosphere because it uses energy more efficiently.

If all homeowners decided to use a heat pump they could reduce about 20% of the total emissions that are released into the air every year.

Heat Pumps Double Energy Usage

Heat pumps are also very useful because they have the ability to double the energy that they consume. Keep in mind that heat pumps double the energy that it provides to a residence.

When a heat pumps coverts cold air into warmth through the process of mechanical energy it will double the amount of heat that is used during this process.

This benefit will also help to save people money and to keep individual spaces a lot warmer during cold winter months. Ultimately, the benefits that energy-efficient heating provides will help to make a home a more pleasant place to live.

Get your Greenwood, IN home ready by installing a heat pump. Just call Johnson Heating & Cooling at (317) 881-7738 today, and get ready for the winter season.

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