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HVAC services for Franklin residents

Residents of Franklin, Indiana are used to the heat and cold

that comes with living in Central Indiana year-round. In the winter, weather can become extremely cold, even with sub-zero temperatures not being unheard of in the forecast.

If your heater goes out during this time, it can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous to have a home without a properly functioning heating system. During summer, the heat and muggy weather that seems to come standard with Indiana can last for weeks on end and make it difficult to stay comfortable. If your air conditioning system goes out or begins to malfunction during this time, you’re in for an unfortunate time of trying to stay cool with household fans instead of the system you’ve invested in to get the job done right.

If any part of your HVAC system is going wrong and looks like it needs to be inspected, repaired or replaced, Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing is the answer. We have decades of experience in serving Central Indiana to meet every heating and cooling need, and our expert team members will be able to evaluate any problem you’re experiencing and make the right call for repair or the need for replacement.


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Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

When your air conditioning unit needs to be repaired, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the best service possible so you can deal with the issue and get back to having a cool and comfortable home for you and our family.

Air conditioning is important in fighting off Indiana’s trademark humid and hot summers, so don’t delay when there’s an issue.

Anytime you need us, day or night, we’re here to help with 24-hour emergency service. We come out to you, inspect the issue and make the repairs to every part of your air conditioner, recommending that you replace the unit only if the unit can’t be reasonably repaired in a way that makes financial sense for you. Before you need repair, keep an eye out for common issues with your air conditioner including warmer than usual air, odd noises and low energy efficiency. By having our team inspect your unit, you can nip issues in the bud before they end up with your air conditioner breaking down when you need it most.

changing air filter in hvac

Filter Replacement

One of the most common aspects of heating and air conditioning units that lower energy efficiency and can lead to issues with your system are dirty filters.

Filters for your HVAC system are designed to guard the system from particulate matter that could get sucked into the air intake system and be distributed throughout your house. Without a filter, allergens would be distributed throughout the house and stay airborne, leading to respiratory system issues with asthma and allergies.

Once a filter is clogged, when it’s been in use long enough for particulates to accumulate, it becomes harder for air to flow through it and through your system. To start, the filter getting clogged with dust means more dust is going to start glowing through your system and aggravating health issues. Next, your heating and air conditioning units are going to be straining harder to get air through this clogged element. Your system will work harder to heat or cool your home, and energy efficiency will go down while the likelihood that pieces wear down or burn out from overuse will go up. Johnson will be able to consult with you and work out a filter replacement schedule to keep your home as energy efficient and allergen-free as possible.

We can help you maintain your HVAC system no matter the issue. Just some of our areas of expertise include:

Thermostat Repair

Thermostat Repair and Replacement

When a thermostat works correctly, you may barely even think of it. 

 If it starts going wrong, however, it could lead to issues like not properly telling your HVAC system when to turn on or off, not properly measuring the temperature, and not responding to your inputs.

If you suspect that your thermostat is an issue in not properly working with your HVAC system to keep your home properly heated or cooled, Johnson Heating & Cooling will be able to help. We’re familiar with every common type of thermostat, and can diagnose the issue. We’ll either be able to repair in many cases, or if the unit is beyond repair, we can find a replacement thermostat that works with your system and budget and install it. 

Furnace Repair

During the dead of winter, the last thing you want to worry about is a furnace that’s gone out.

Before winter arrives, or before you encounter an issue in winter, keep an eye out for issues with your furnace and contact Johnson to set your issues right. If you don’t proactively address issues with your furnace, you’ll have greater energy bills over time or even have a total failure of the unit.

With 24-hour emergency service we’ll be able to come out and assist you at any time, and diagnose the issue. You could have a malfunctioning thermostat as well as a dirty or clogged filter, but you could also have issues with mechanical airflow as well as your unit’s ignition control or pilot light. We have the experts and parts to fix the issues you’re having with your heater, and get your home back to a cozy and comfortable level. If the unit needs to be replaced, we know the best manufacturers and offer competitive rates for installation.

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Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing has decades of experience in being the answer to Franklin, Indiana residents’ HVAC issues.

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