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Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning

Franklin Indiana Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning

For every air conditioning unit, having a filter that is in working order is incredibly important to being sure that your system is properly operational and will continue to work as it should.
Without filters that work well, you might find that your air quality goes down, your allergies are aggravated, your air conditioner begins to work harder to cool your home, and multiple other effects. Filters are one of the least thought of but most important elements of an air conditioning system, and Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing is here to make sure that Franklin, Indiana homeowners don’t have to worry about them. We help our customers all throughout Central Indiana to clean and replace their clogged air filters.


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What Does an Air Conditioner Filter Do?
Simply put, an air conditioner filter exists to keep the air that circulates throughout your house cleaner. These filters are situated so that air passes through them when going into and through an air conditioner, and the air that comes out doesn’t have the same particulate matter that the air which might have been sucked in contained. Dust, pet hair, pollen and other air impurities are all some of the things that go into a filter, and they get stuck within the fibers of the filter. The air that then goes through is distributed through a house in the form of fresh, clean and cool air-conditioned air.
What are The Types of Air Conditioner Filter?
Just like air conditioning units come in multiple types, there are also multiple types of air conditioner filters. The main difference between the types of air conditioner filter comes down to washable vs. disposable. Washable filters are made to be washed and reused within the air conditioning system, and are durable to suit a longer lifespan. While they’re more economical than disposable filters, their construction means that they don’t stop exceptionally small air particles from getting through. Disposable filters, on the other hand, have an extremely dense and fine construction, making it much more difficult for particles in the air to get through them and be reintroduced back into the home’s air supply.
What are The Effects of a Clogged Air Conditioner Filter?
Air conditioner filters are crucial to having a home that stays as clean as possible, as well as having occupants feel fewer negative side effects of particulates in the air like congestion, sneezing or allergies acting up. A filter is what stops these particles from going through, so when one becomes clogged then there are several unpleasant side effects.

Respiratory problems are probably the chief concern for clogged filters, as they go from inconvenience to health hazard. Conditions like allergies or asthma can be made worse by air that isn’t clean, so it’s especially important for those with respiratory issues to stay on top of their filters to stay as well as possible. As a filter becomes clogged, more air is still sucked through. This eventually results in larger amounts of particulate matter that are brought through, forced by the fan that’s sucking air in. Aside from health matters alone, the fan will need to work harder to bring in air through a clogged filter. This makes the system much less energy efficient, as less air gets through and so less cool air can be distributed throughout the home. Additionally, the increased strain on the fan can cause parts of your air conditioning system to wear out faster than normal.

How Do Filters Get Clogged?
Some factors will naturally lead to filters becoming clogged faster over time than others. Some you won’t be able to help and others could be helped with the right measures. If you have a naturally dusty home or pets that live in the space, both of these are huge potential for particulate matter to enter into the filter and clog it up faster than normal. Regular vacuuming will help to fix this situation and preserve the lifespan of your filter longer. Next, if your air conditioner or fan are running for huge amounts of time, either from very high temperatures or from leaving the fan on to keep air circulation, this increased use will naturally lead to more matter being sucked up into the filter. Try to keep the air on a slightly higher setting, or use a separate fan in the room you’re in to raise the lifespan of a filter.

Cleaning and Replacing Air Conditioner Filters with Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing

The experts at Johnson Heating | Cooling | Plumbing understand how important staying on top of air conditioner filter cleaning and replacement is in order to have a home that smells, looks and feels clean, as well as an air conditioner that works as well as possible while staying energy efficient.
We are able to arrange a schedule around the year to inspect filters for particulate buildup, and when it eventually gets to a point where it negatively impacts air quality or air conditioner efficiency, it’s time to clean or replace. We have the know-how to clean your washable filter so that it can be put back into use and continue to serve a useful purpose for a long amount of time to come. For disposable filters, we take it out from its housing, inspect it, and if necessary, throw it away and replace it with a new one.

Along with filter replacement, keeping on top of any issues that might arise with your air conditioner is key to avoiding costly repairs down the line. Annual inspections can catch small issues before they mean you might need to replace parts of your air conditioning system.

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We’re always incredibly diligent to make sure that the costs of our services are fair and up front. We know that for homeowners, air conditioning filter repair or replacement isn’t something that’s planned for in the budget, so competitive pricing is a priority.
We’ve been a trusted partner of Franklin residents for decades, and we want to keep that trust. Our personnel are always courteous, respecting your home and your property for every call they go on so that you can have the utmost peace of mind when welcoming a Johnson technician into your home. We’ve been providing air conditioner filter cleaning services to Franklin and throughout Central Indiana since 1968, and we want to be your chosen partner for decades into the future. Don’t feel uncertain; let Johnson Heating & Cooling be your trusted guide for all things air conditioning.

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