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Energy Efficiency is Vital During the Spring Saving Season

Apr 24, 2015

How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient this Spring

Greenwood Plumber Making your home more energy efficient is a great way to save money and conserve natural resources. Spring time offers the perfect opportunity to make a few simple changes in your home that will make a big difference in your utility bills.

Energy efficiency is also better for the environment, which is a bonus. Here are a few tips on how to make your home energy efficient this spring.


Airflow is a big concern. If your home is leaking air, it is using more energy to keep the inside of the home at a comfortable temperature.

It is important to find these leaks and seal them. If you have an older home, be aware that aged windows are usually single pane windows.

These windows allow for a lot of exchange between indoor and outdoor air. Another common problem in older homes is wooden doors. These doors often have gaps. Adding a draft stopper is an inexpensive solution. Check your home thoroughly for air leaks and seal them to save energy.


There are a number of things you can do regarding plumbing to make your home more energy efficient. The most efficient setting for a water heater is 120°F or 54°C. Insulating the first 2 m of hot-water pipes is also recommended. Low flow shower heads and aerators on faucets help to conserve water usage.

Spring Cleaning

You may be surprised to learn that cleaning will actually make your home more energy efficient. Dust on light bulbs absorbs light, making the bulbs less efficient. Consider cleaning the dust off of light bulbs. Alternatively, you can switch to CFL light bulbs. Cleaning dust off of the refrigerator coil assists your refrigerator in running better.

Greenwood Energy-Efficiency Furthermore, remove any items in the refrigerator that are blocking vents. Cleaning the bathroom fan helps the motor run more effectively.

Clean the outdoor dryer vent to make your dryer run more efficiently. Remember that anything mechanical is hindered by dust and dirt. A thorough spring cleaning makes a tremendous difference in your utility bills.

Having an energy-efficient home helps the environment and your wallet. There are many inexpensive and simple things you can implement in your home to increase the energy efficiency.

Use the lovely spring weather as an opportunity to evaluate your home and make some of these minor changes.

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