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Central Air Conditioning Repair Near Me

Mar 28, 2019

Central Air Conditioning Repair Near You in Indiana

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During the dog days of summer, staying cool and comfortable can be tough to do in Indiana. Natural heat waves and muggy weather means that your air conditioning unit will be working overtime in order to fill your home with the cool air you need in order to enjoy the season. If your central air conditioning system starts malfunctioning and needs to be repaired, you want a team and service technicians that are experts in air conditioning repair and have a history of helping Central Indiana fix their HVAC issues, while staying as cool as possible.

Johnson Heating & Cooling provides a complete range of cooling services in Central Indiana, specializing in central air conditioning HVAC repair and maintenance, consultations on a potential replacement, procuring parts for your unit including air filters and evaporator coils, and more. Your home can stay comfortable even when the summer season is at its hottest and most intense with Johnson Comfort. No matter where you are in Central Indiana, we can meet your every cooling need as efficiently as possible. Our service areas range for residents of communities including:

Service You Can Trust

As a family-owned business centered in Greenwood, Indiana, we understand the region and have been providing residents with our quality air conditioning repair services since 1968. We bring a family-owned feel to everything we do, because our values are important to us, just as your own values matter to you.

Our technicians are HVAC experts with combined decades of experience in solving cooling issues for Hoosiers. Our quality work environment means a low turnover rate, and we always keep our hiring practices up to a rigorous standard to be sure we get the best team members to serve you and your family in your home. We stay friendly, professional, and courteous and considerate of your property on every single job. It’s our goal to make sure you’re happy with your central air conditioning repair, and we get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible to keep your rates down. We understand that it’s an unexpected cost, which means that affordability is a priority that we keep so that you can be comfortable.

Repairing Your Central Air Conditioning Unit

When an issue occurs with the use of your air conditioning unit, you’ll want to have the best service possible to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Don’t allow the hot temperatures to create a potentially dangerous situation for your home. Without air conditioning that works, you’ll find that you and your family could be vulnerable to frightening and severe conditions like dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke on some of the hottest days of famously hot and muggy summers in Central Indiana.

We offer 24-hour emergency service because when the air goes out it’s no joke and something that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. We’re available at any time of the day or night, and no matter the time, we can answer your call, come out to you, inspect the problem and make the repairs you need to keep your home adequately cooled.

Maintain Before You Need Repair

If your central air conditioning unit breaks down during the middle of summer, repairing can be a hassle. Giving regular tune-ups to your unit can allow your service technician the opportunity to watch out and address any issues your unit runs into before you need to spend more money on a full-fledged repair.

This gives you the chance to take care of small issues like loose bolts, lowering energy efficiency and dust buildup in your filters and unit. Tune-ups will keep your unit running better for longer, and not needing to make a full-on repair means your unit will continue working with maximized energy efficiency. We can even monitor the health of your central air conditioning unit and recommend when it might be time to switch to a new unit. Contact us for an inspection and tune-up today.

When to Repair Your Air Conditioner

When your central air conditioning unit needs to be repaired, you’ll be able to see the signs and call the experts at Johnson Heating & Cooling to come and fix the issue. Your unit completely breaking down isn’t the only sign that repairs are needed. Smaller issues need to be repaired as well before they lead to a total breakdown. Watch out for some of the most common issues including:

  • Air that isn’t as cool as it used to be coming out of your system
  • Issues with your home not getting to the temperature you want it to be
  • Your central air unit making odd noises
  • Your energy efficiency going down and your cooling bills going up

With any of these issues, our expert team will be able to diagnose the issue, find the parts to fix it, and come out quickly to ensure that your system is working, and your home is comfortable as quickly as possible. If your unit is requiring service calls too frequently, we can advise you on options for replacing your system with a new unit that will lower your repair and energy bills and pay off long-term.

Because we respect your time, your choice of our services, and you need to have a cool home at all times especially during the hot days of summer, we work to show that respect in our business practices. Our pricing is transparent and up-front, and our team members are experts that stay courteous and respectful of your home and property while fixing your issue. As a company that’s been serving Central Indiana from our headquarters in Greenwood with a service range that extends to Indianapolis and beyond since 1968, we understand the need for an honest partner. We want to be your partners in air conditioning unit repair for decades to come. With repair services from Johnson, you’ll know your family can stay cool this summer with a central air conditioning unit that’s in top shape.

Call us today at (317) 268-2678 for an estimate on your next AC installation or repair. It’s free, and there’s no obligation. Schedule an appointment with Johnson and allow us to diagnose and repair your air conditioner today.

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