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Troubleshooting 8 Common Air-Conditioner Problems

Apr 30, 2019

During summer in Central Indiana, having a working air conditioning unit is hugely important to being able to stay comfortable. When you run into issues with your unit, however, by being able to recognize the issue you’ll be able to know what type of repairs you’ll be dealing with. See Johnson Heating & Cooling’s tips on common air conditioner issues, and contact us to fix the problem.

1. Your AC Suddenly Stops Working Altogether

If you go to turn your air conditioning unit on and it simply doesn’t start up at all, you could have a major issue on your hands. Hopefully, however, it’s a simple issue resulting from a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Reset your circuit breaker and see if it works then. If not, then you could have a more major issue on your hands like a malfunctioning thermostat or a mechanical issue with your unit. In this case, you may need to call in the professionals.

2. Your AC Is Making Weird Sounds

If you hear a rapid light smacking noise with your unit, it could mean that there’s something stuck in the blower blades. Turn your AC off and check your blower. For screeching sounds, you might have an issue with a belt or motor bearing. Try lubricating the unit. If you’re hearing clanging or rattling, there’s likely a problem with the motor, and clicking noises when it goes on or off signify a relay problem. For both of these issues, turn it off and consult a professional.

3. Your AC Isn’t Putting Out Cold Air

If your AC is running but it isn’t actually cooling the air, you’ve got a problem on your hands. This issue could result from your air condenser, especially if it’s dirty or blocked, or your filter if it’s dirty. Inspect your issue and make sure all of the parts are clean. If it still isn’t putting out cool air, time to consult a professional.

4. Your Thermostat Isn’t Displaying the Right Temperature

If your thermostat has glitches going on, it’ll have issues displaying the correct temperature, and might not be reliably responding to your commands like temperature or even turning the air conditioning unit on or off. Consult your thermostat manual to see if there are programming issues and change the batteries to your thermostat, and if you don’t see a solution it’s time to get an AC expert into the mix.

5. Your AC Won’t Stop Running

This is also an issue with your thermostat, in all likelihood. Again, check if your thermostat manual offers any solutions, and if not call a professional to fix the issue, in the meanwhile flip a breaker switch to turn it off manually, as running nonstop could put a strain on the unit.

6. Your AC Is Dripping Water

The moisture generated by your AC is supposed to be drained into a pan around a drain. If your drain clogs, however, all that condensed water will have nowhere to go and could overflow. If you notice water see if you can manually unclog the drain. If not, contact a professional and resolve the issue quickly. Water damage is no joke.

7. Your AC Isn’t Evenly Cooling Your Home

If rooms seem to be receiving different amounts of cool air and aren’t being cooled evenly, then you might have an issue with leaky air ducts. These let air flow through cracks in the material and don’t deliver it where it needs to go. Find out if this is the case if you have exposed air ducts, and you could potentially tape over these cracks yourself. If not, call a professional.

8. Your AC Is Too Noisy

If your AC is just too noisy, it’s likely you have an issue with your fan that’s having to run overtime. First, see if your air filter is okay. If it is, then the issue might be with a fan motor. You should get this issue resolved, as it could simply stop working and lead to an unexpected lack of air conditioning.

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