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Avoid Your Fall Home Disaster This Season

Sep 18, 2015

Top 3 Fall Home Maintenance Disasters

Winter and Fall can be a beautiful time of the year, but the changing temperature and weather which accompanies these seasons can absolutely wreak havoc on a Greenwood home if precautions are not taken to safeguard against this.

There are 3 home disasters which can absolutely undermine the value of a home by causing expensive repairs and unkempt conditions. Fortunately, a Greenwood homeowner can avoid most of these situations by taking steps to ensure that the house is prepared for these wintry downfalls.

Greenwood, IN fall_home_maintenance In The Gutter

The gutter system of a home provides important functionality in regards to water drainage which keeps the underlying framework and materials of the house safe from damage.

Fall and Winter can be the time of the year where any problems with this flow can be exacerbated to the point that expensive repairs may need to be made.

Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to avoid this. Much of the difficulty can arise from ice dams which form when the temperature drops below the freezing point.

Leaking Attics

These dams will naturally circumvent the proper circulation, and with nowhere to go, the water may begin to leak inside the residence in places such as the attic or chimney.

The best precautions to guard against melting water damage is to ensure beforehand that the gutters and spouts are all free of blockage so that the maximum amount of water will be able to flow freely.

Also, the attic should be inspected to ensure that it is properly insulated and protected so as to avoid the problem of warm air escaping and contributing to ice dam creation.

Hazardous Space Heaters

These cold months are naturally times when a homeowner may step back and evaluate the heating systems within the home. It can seem simple to add space heaters as necessary in order to provide quick heat without the expense of reworking existing ductwork and the like.

People should make sure that these space heaters are not left unattended and that flammable materials such as drapes and bedding are not in close enough proximity as to be a fire hazard.

Home maintenance can include the evaluation of any old heaters and replacement as necessary. These newer models will have a myriad of safety features such as tip-over protection which makes the portable heating unit a lot safer to use in a home where kids and pets may not always be able to be monitored continuously.

Remember to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call Johnson Heating & Cooling at (317) 881-7738 to get your Greenwood, IN home inspected.

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