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What are the Reasons for Furnace Yearly Maintenance?

Jan 29, 2021

Whether your furnace runs on gas, oil, electricity, or is a heat pump or HVAC system, you want it to be in top working order, ideally before winter sets in, so you know you’ll have heat when you need it. But even if you’ve been putting it off and it’s wintertime, it’s never too late to have your system inspected and tuned up. This article lays out the most critical reasons for furnace yearly maintenance you should know about.

Johnson Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing: The Furnace Experts

furnace repairThe good news is that Johnson HCP has been maintaining and repairing furnaces, heat pumps, HVACs, and other heating systems throughout central Indiana since 1968. Whether you need an annual maintenance service, an emergency repair, or the installation of a whole new furnace, we’ve got homeowners covered in the many communities in and around greater Indianapolis that fall within our service area. If you’re looking for reliable heating, cooling, and plumbing services provider, you can count on a Johnson technician to be there when you need us, and every customer can expect service with a smile! Call us at 317-881-7738 to schedule an appointment or discuss your needs.

Yearly Furnace Servicing is Preventive Maintenance

When a Johnson technician comes to inspect and test all the components and clean key areas of your furnace or heating system, they’re on the lookout for anything that could potentially fail in the coming months. This kind of preventive maintenance is critical for making sure your heat comes on when you need it during the winter season. This single reason should be enough to motivate you in making sure you schedule an annual service appointment to make sure everything about the unit is tuned up and ready to move forward in top working order. We address any issues we find with your furnace so they don’t turn into a heating emergency.

Learn What You can do to Keep Your Furnace Running Smoothly

While the Johnson technician is there working on your furnace, heat pump, or HVAC system, be sure to take a few moments to learn what you can do to keep your system running at optimal efficiency. 

  • Air Filters: Do you know how to check and change the air filters on your furnace? Do you know how often they should be changed? This is the easiest furnace component to fix but is one of the most important, both for improving the quality of the indoor air you breathe as well as allowing your furnace to operate at peak efficiency. 
  • Unblocked Registers: Your furnace operates best when air circulates freely throughout the system, including the registers that deliver heat into the various rooms of your house, and any cold air return registers that send air into the furnace. All these registers should be kept in the open position during the heating season and not blocked by anything. If not, your system will have to work harder than it should, which can put excessive strain on the unit.
  • Furnace Facts: Have a place where you keep detailed records about your furnace, including when it was purchased and installed so you know how old it is, and what repairs and maintenance have been conducted over the years. This archived information is important in order to give you and any technicians the big picture of what condition your furnace is in.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: You know how important it is to have an annual physical or check-up with your doctor, right? Well, the same is true for your furnace! With regular yearly maintenance, we’ll be able to help you stay on top of any issues that might come up with your unit and know when it might be time to think about replacing your furnace.

Those are the four main responsibilities of homeowners when it comes to making sure your furnace provides you and your family the heat you need during the coldest months of the year. Everything else is best left to the professional experts!

Maintaining Furnace Efficiency Saves Energy and Money

When your furnace operates at subpar efficiency, it ends up using more fuel than it should, which means you end up spending more money on your energy bills than you need to. Talk about good reasons for furnace yearly maintenance! The greater the efficiency of your furnace, the less energy you use, which is a win-win for the environment and your wallet. As part of our annual inspection and tune-up service, we’ll check the efficiency of your furnace and address any issues we find to make sure it will be operating at peak efficiency.

Safety First! Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide and Fire

A malfunctioning furnace can result in carbon monoxide (CO) being released into your home. If you don’t have functioning carbon monoxide detectors, your safety is at risk. Across the U.S. more than 150 people die every year from CO poisoning. Part of the reason it’s so deadly is because you breathe it in without even knowing it—the gas is odorless, colorless, and has no taste. Our technicians will make sure your furnace is functioning properly in terms of ventilation and identifying any damaged parts that need to be replaced. In fact, a carbon monoxide safety check is one of the most important reasons for furnace yearly maintenance. 

In the latest National Fire Protection Association Home Structure Fires report, of the more than 350,000 house fires that happen each year, 14% of them are caused by heating equipment like furnaces and heaters. The comprehensive safety check our technicians perform during an annual furnace service call will reduce the risk of your furnace causing a house fire. We’ll make sure the key components are cleaned so they’re free of dust or debris that can cause system strain or damage and increase the risk of fire. 

Here are some of the things that go into a comprehensive safety check on your furnace:

  • Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks.
  • Check for any dangerous gas leaks such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxide.
  • Test the ignition system for safe and proper operation.
  • Test the safety and control circuits.
  • Check that the exhaust is venting properly.

24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair

Few things could be more of a nightmare than your furnace breaking down in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, it happens, and when if it does happen it needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. Johnson HCP offers 24/7 emergency furnace repair services. No matter the time of day, we’ll get a technician out to you ASAP to assess the problem and explain your options for addressing the problem. If your heat goes out anywhere in central Indiana, call the team at Johnson immediately.

We urge you to be mindful of your furnace—don’t leave your winter heat up to chance. Call Johnson Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing at +13176234896 for yearly maintenance of your heating system!

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