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Things Pet Owners Should Know About Their Pipes/Drains

Dec 4, 2015

Pet Owners: 4 Ways To Keep Drains & Pipes Clean

It’s not uncommon for pet owners to experience clogged drains more often than homes without any pets. There are some easy steps for making this issue a thing of the past. Let’s go over them here and get that Greenwood drain flowing like it should. This will save you from having to call a professional to unclog the drain, causing your wallet to deflate a bit. So, let’s get to it.

#1 Brush Your Pet Often

Greenwood, IN Drain Cleaning Services

This is the most overlooked thing that will save you a lot of grief. We all know to brush our pets, it keeps their coats and skin healthy and shiny.

However, most pet owners never give a second thought to the drains until they are already draining slow or clogged. Brushing your dog or cat twice a week for typical coat and three to four times a week for the really shaggy, shedding pet.

#2 Keep A Strainer In The Drain

This is a cheap and easy way to make double sure that when you bathe your pet, it will catch that unwanted hair clog before it happens.

It is a shame when a pet owner has to throw money down the drain to fix a clog. Don’t let it happen to your plumbing.

#3 Bag Your Cat Litter

There a cat litter brands that are not flush-able and some that are. It is recommended that you flush neither of them. Sometimes cats have a way of eating certain things or having hairballs in their scat. If this is the case it can create a serious clog in your plumbing. The responsible thing to do for your home’s plumbing here is to bag your cat litter instead of flushing it.

#4 The Water Dish

This is another one that is rarely considered a plumbing clog waiting to happen. When a dog’s water dish is empty, sometimes they may go for the toilet bowl of your Greenwood home.

Make sure that they have fresh water often to alleviate the issue. If they drink from it anyway, you can have a child safety lock attached to the lid for good measure.

Don’t let your fluffy pup clog up your drain! If you need drain cleaning in your Greenwood, IN home call Johnson Heating & Cooling at (317) 881-7738 today!

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