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The Latest HVAC Trends

Jul 10, 2015

The Top 5 Heating and Air Conditioning Trends

Greenwood Air The Appliance Standards Awareness Project reports HVAC costs are the single biggest energy expense in the residential sector, consuming approximately 40 percent of total residential energy needs.

Because HVAC systems use so much energy the biggest innovations are generally in the areas of how to make the systems run more efficiently. Here are top 5 heating and air conditioning trends:

Increased Energy-Efficiency Standards

Beginning January 2015 all new residential HVAC system had to meet tough new standards, with the increases dependent on which geographical area the home is located in. In addition to overall efficiency, the new strict standards will also help reduce greenhouse gas emission.

This will have a significant impact on air conditioning in particular, as there is a significant interest in reducing emissions generated by cooling systems across the U.S.


When things work in unison it makes it easier to manage each system, and 2015 will see a much greater integration with HVAC controls to other building systems, such as building access and lighting controls.

This integration will allow building managers to control all functions from a single interface, permitting more aggressive control over heating and cooling. For example, the system can be set to automatically adjust the climate at preset times, automatically raising or lowering the temperature, day or night.

Smart Thermostats, Saving Money and Proprietary Controls

Despite the initially high expense and some need for routine adjustments, smart thermostats are a worthwhile expense in the long run. This is especially true for larger homes and buildings that use a lot of energy for heating and cooling, as over time the savings on utility bills will pay for the cost of the new thermostat.

However, for some homes and buildings, smart thermostats may bring an immediate savings of energy, which can mean an immediate savings of money.

Greenwood HVAC-Trends

The ability to automatically control the climate in multiple rooms from a single interface can add up to a significant reduction in heating and cooling costs by not having to keep the entire home or building at the same temperature when some areas are not occupied.

While there is a significant trend toward integration of HVAC control systems, there are still a lot of system on the market that uses proprietary controls.

In 2014 just over 14 percent of all HVAC systems were proprietary, and that is only expected to drop to around 13 percent in 2015. This means purchasing the wrong system could leave you stuck with at least part of a system that cannot be integrated with new components.

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