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Spot the Hidden Leak

Aug 14, 2015

Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

It is not uncommon for homeowners to experience water leaks in their Greenwood home. While some of these leaks are easy to identify, others might be hidden away and hard to detect.

Hidden water leaks can cause costly damage to your home, and require emergency plumbing services. It is important to pay attention to the warning signs and get professional help before leaks lead to major damage.

Greenwood, IN Plumbing Services 1. Unusually High Water Bill

It is easy to spot this problem if you’re keeping track of, or comparing, your Greenwood water bills each month. A spike in the water bill, without an increase in usage, may indicate a leak somewhere.

So if you notice a significant increase in your bill and your water usage habits have remained consistent, you need to get a professional to investigate the situation and provide appropriate repair right away.

2. Wet Spots on Walls

If your floors and walls are wet, even though nothing has been spilled, pay attention to the area to see if it goes away. If the area still remains wet, or if it the situation worsens, you may have a hidden leak.

In order to protect your home and avoid severe or costly damage, call a qualified professional as soon as possible, to check it out and repair the leak.

3. Check the Water Meter

To check for leaking water in your home, turn off the appliances that use water. Wait for about an hour, then come back and check the water meter. It should stop running once all of the home appliances have been turned off. If it is still running, there is a hidden water leak.

4. Musty Smells

One of the signs of a water leak is a musty smell. Everything smells musty when water sits around, stagnant, with nowhere to go.

This smell indicates that water is hiding somewhere, and this requires expert plumbing service immediately. Dangerous molds thrive in dark, moist area and if undetected, can pose a major health threat.

5. Mushy Ground in Your Yard

An unusually moist and mushy may indicate a broken water line. Leaving a mushy ground alone can be dangerous and cause damage to the foundation of the home.

For more information on how to identify hidden water leaks and to get them fixed if you’re seeing any of these signs, you need to call a professional right away. Quality leak detection and efficient repair services can help prevent major damage to your home, which can be very costly to repair.

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