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Should I get a thermostat replacement for my Greenwood home?

Apr 12, 2024

Your home’s heating and cooling equipment are large appliances capable of providing the indoor temperature you desire, no matter what the weather is doing outside. But as big and powerful as those devices may be, they can’t do anything without the help of a tiny low-voltage device that’s probably mounted on your living-room wall.

What’s a thermostat and why do I need one?

That small device is your home’s thermostat, which acts as the control center for your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. While there are many different types of thermostats, they all serve the same basic function. You use the thermostat to set the indoor temperature you desire, and the thermostat activates your heater or AC to create the temperature you requested. If it’s currently 80 degrees and you want a temperature of 72, the thermostat will turn the air conditioner on and keep it running until it’s 72.

Why would I need a replacement thermostat?

Comfort is only one of the reasons a thermostat is important to you. The second is your energy bills. You could have high-efficiency air conditioning and heating systems, but if your thermostat is unable to operate them properly, you won’t benefit from their efficiency. Most older thermostats are mechanical devices that rely on a moving metal coil. As they age, they may become less accurate, inefficient, or outdated. Replacing them with one of today’s advanced thermostats can provide a long list of advantages.

Compatibility with Today’s Systems

As heating and cooling technology evolves, older thermostats may lack compatibility with newer technologies. Upgrading to a compatible thermostat allows homeowners to get the full value of their system’s advanced performance and features.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Advanced features such as programmable schedules, learning capabilities, and energy-saving algorithms allow homeowners to optimize their homes’ heating and cooling cycles, reduce energy waste, and lower utility bills. With programmable thermostats, users can schedule temperature adjustments based on their daily routines, ensuring comfort when needed and conserving energy when away from home.

Precise Temperature Regulation

Newer thermostats use advanced sensors and algorithms to prevent the temperature fluctuations common among older technology, ensuring consistent comfort levels throughout the home.

Access to Advanced Features

From voice control and geofencing to humidity sensing and air quality monitoring, homeowners can choose thermostats that align with their specific needs and preferences, unlocking a wealth of advanced capabilities. Remote access and monitoring via smartphone apps or web interfaces allow users to adjust temperature settings, view energy usage data, and receive alerts and notifications anywhere in the world. And as more homeowners install automation systems, many of today’s thermostats are designed to integrate seamlessly with all popular platforms.

What thermostat should you choose?

Different types of thermostats are best suited to homeowners with different needs. Today, you have more thermostat choices than ever before, including:
• Programmable thermostats that allow users to set customized temperature schedules based on their daily routines.
• Smart thermostats, with advanced features such as learning capabilities, remote access, and integration with smart home platforms.
• Wi-Fi enabled thermostats that allow users to control temperature settings and view energy usage data via smartphone apps or web interfaces.
• Touchscreen thermostats feature intuitive touchscreen displays and advanced features such as humidity sensing.
• Zoned thermostat systems using multiple thermostats to control temperature independently in different areas or zones of the home.
• Wireless thermostats that are easy to install and can be placed anywhere within the home for optimal comfort control.

You don’t have to be a thermostat expert

When you need a thermostat replacement for your Greenwood home, you can just go online and buy any of the dozens of models you’ll find online. But which of those many models is the right one for your home and your needs? What’s the best balance of cost and features for the way you’re likely to use your thermostat? You won’t find answers to questions like that online, but you will get solid advice when you turn to the thermostat experts from Johnson Heating Cooling & Plumbing. They’ll examine your system, discuss your needs, and recommend the model that will deliver the performance you need for many years to come.

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