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Make Summer Arrangements for Your Cooling System

May 13, 2016

How to Prepare Your Home for the Hot Summer Months Ahead

With the Summer Comes AC Use

As summer starts to roll around, the temperatures start to rise. You may see temperatures go from the 50s to the 60s, and quickly you’ll be in the 80s and 90s. It’s not unusual for the temperatures to reach over 100° on some days, which is not only dangerous for those that are outside but also for those that are inside without a working AC unit.

In certain areas, especially in the southern parts of the United States, it’s always necessary to have a high-efficiency air conditioner unit because of the high heat and humidity that lingers in the air. When you know summer is coming, then it’s time to make preparations for your AC unit, especially if you haven’t turned it on in a while.

Those that have an HVAC unit that contains both AC and heat may have used it in the wintertime to warm up the home. Even if the HVAC unit was used to warm up the house in the winter, it’s always wise to get an HVAC specialist to maintain the unit before using it again during the long summer. If your unit is taken care of ahead of time, then you can be comfortable throughout the summer until winter rolls around again.

enjoying-an-outdoor-view Don’t get caught off guard.

There’s nothing worse than a heat wave outside without an air-conditioning unit inside, especially in certain homes that maintain a high humidity. You always want to be on guard when it comes to the heat, and there can be consequences if you choose not to maintain your AC unit ahead of time to keep it running when you need it.

  • Home gets and stays hot
  • Certain foods can spoil faster
  • Candy and other foods can melt at room temperature
  • CD’s and DVD’s can melt or become damaged
  • The home can be uncomfortable for the elderly and babies
  • Body temperature can rise drastically
  • Your fridge may have to work harder
  • The heat can damage certain items in your home
  • Hot in Your Home

The home will heat up every day when it’s summer time, and it can stay heated without a running air conditioner. Some homes are lucky and may have a lot of coverage from trees outside, which may help to keep the home cooler than other homes.

The homes that have no coverage from trees, no breeze, and no air-conditioning will suffer, and then the homes will stay hot throughout the day until the sun goes down. It’s even possible for the humidity in the home to keep the home hot throughout the night, which is uncomfortable for everyone in the home.

Food Spoils/Candy Melts

A warm home can easily speed up the decomposition of food, especially those food items that are left out of the fridge. If you want to make sure your room temperature foods last longer, then you’ll want to keep your home cool with an AC unit, especially since the excessive heat can quickly spoil your food that much faster. Candy melts as well in homes that may have candy out for guests. Other types of foods that can melt will melt a lot quicker in a home that’s too warm and has no AC unit running.

install-ceiling-fans CDs and DVDs

Those who have precious CDs and DVDs that they want to hold onto can easily see them melt if they are on the wrong type of surface in a home that has no AC unit.

Certain homes can easily get to 90+ degrees inside without the AC running, which means a lot of things can become damaged, especially the DVDs, which can melt at certain temperatures.

The Elderly and Babies

Every year when the heat rises, there are many people across the world that die from the heat, especially if they don’t have air conditioning to cool them off.

The elderly and infants are more susceptible to dying from heat exposure, so it’s always best to make sure the AC unit in your house is working if you have many family members living there, especially young children and the elderly.

Body Temperature

Those who are exposed to long periods of excessive heat are bound to have their body temperature go up, which can have deadly consequences. Turning on a fan may not be enough to cool the person off if they are excessively hot, so in this case, an AC unit would be best.

The Refrigerator’s Effort

When it’s warmer outside, the fridge has to work harder. If you’re running your AC unit, then your fridge doesn’t have to work as hard, which means you can save even more energy and cool your home with the AC unit at the same time.

replacing-your-air-filter-5 Heat Damage

Certain pictures, frames, paintings, clothing, and electronics can be damaged when there’s too much heat in a home.

Those who also store things like chemical canisters in their home can see them explode if the heat in the home becomes too extreme. It’s always the wisest decision to keep the house as cool as possible.

Don’t Underestimate Your Need for a Professional

You’ll need a professional to come and take a look at your AC unit if it’s not working, and it’s always best to do it before the heat index gets too high outside. Never wait until the summer months before having your AC unit examined because it’s likely to take longer due to many other people having AC breakdowns that they are trying to fix as well.

Have an HVAC specialist come to your home to check on your thermostat, the AC unit, the central air system, the ducts and more. An HVAC specialist can find anything that is keeping your AC unit from working, and they should fix your problem to keep your home cool during the hot summer months. Also, consider getting a high-efficiency air conditioner to cool your home and save on energy costs.

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