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Dec 18, 2015

The Top 5 Plumbing Myths

Not all myths should be believed and followed. These beliefs that are usually passed along from one generation to the next, apply to many situations in life, including plumbing. While you may want to avoid walking under a ladder, you definitely want to avoid common plumbing myths such as the ones listed below.

Greenwood, IN plumbing_services_360 Plumbing Fixtures Require No Maintenance

1. To prevent damaging drainage clogs, regular maintenance is surely needed on common Greenwood household fixtures such as tubs, faucets, and sinks. Also, you must be aware of home foundations that shift, unruly tree and plant roots and pipes that have become blocked due to back-ups.

The main drain in a home or sewer line should additionally be examined for any blockages. Issues such as these can ultimately cause repairs such as replacement of various pipes or a sewer line under a home.

2. Another legendary story to avoid is to clean plumbing fixtures with soap. Cleansing with soap can be quite damaging to fixture surfaces. Instead, you want to cleanse fixtures such as polished nickel or brass, using a mixture of baking soda with lemons or a gentle over the counter cleaning solution.

Nothing Going Down the Drain Means No Worries

3. This is another myth because when using a disposal and it is slow to dispose of or pieces of waste stay on the expulsion pipe, it indicates that a clog is forming. Although the unit may be working, you want to avoid using it until the clog is eliminated.

Running Water Down A Garbage Disposal Is Good Maintenance

4. Unfortunately, pouring water down this device does not ensure the smooth travel of waste. It does not matter if you pour a gallon of water down the disposal, you must not place certain items down inside.

You will require drain cleaning if you place lemon peels or pieces of thick pieces of meat down a disposal and it will cause damage. Always chop up any hard food and mix with water prior to placing it into the disposal.

5. Another tale is that lemon rinds clean a garbage disposal. Obviously, they will help odor but they do not clean it. Instead, disconnect the disposal, and then use warm water and soap as a disinfectant. Place soap and water inside disposal and clean using a brush.

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