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Don’t Dump Everything in the Garbage Disposal

Nov 20, 2015

Prevent A Garbage Disposal Disaster During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Is Near

Turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, rice and more will all be served at many dinner tables this Thanksgiving. All these foods seem great to serve until it’s time to start cleaning.

Many will unwittingly put a lot of the left foods that are served at Thanksgiving dinner down the garbage disposal, and this can cause a disaster.

Greenwood, IN Garbage-Disposal-Services Many Greenwood home garbage disposals are put at risk every Thanksgiving, especially since many choose to dump foods in the disposal that cannot be crushed up and disposed of properly.

Those looking to ensure their garbage disposal works past Thanksgiving Day should take certain precautions.

What’s The Size Of The Food?

It’s always best to know what the size of the food is that’s being dumped down the garbage disposal. Food that is too large in size, even if it’s soft enough to be crushed by the garbage disposal, should be cut into pieces.

Foods like mashed potatoes and gravy can go down the garbage disposal with ease, but when it comes to meats and tougher foods, these can pose a problem. Many may put the leftover turkey down the garbage disposal, and this is something that should not be done. Turkey tends to be a much tougher meat, and the garbage disposal may not be able to handle it.

Instead of putting the turkey down the garbage disposal, it should go into the garbage as well as any leftover ham or other types of meats. If the meat is deemed soft enough to go down the garbage disposal, then make sure there are no bones attached because the disposal cannot crush them up.

Many accidentally throw bones into the garbage disposal, and this can destroy the blades or ruin the disposal altogether. Always check anything that’s going down the garbage disposal to make sure it’s not something that will destroy the disposal prematurely.

What To Do If The Garbage Disposal Breaks

If the garbage disposal in your Greenwood home happens to break during Thanksgiving day, then the only thing that should be done is to call a plumber the next day.

Even though it may be Black Friday, there are some plumbers willing to work, and if not, then it may be necessary to wait up until the following Monday to get a plumber out to fix the problem. Do not attempt to take the garbage disposal apart on your own because you may make the problem worse.

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