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Complete One of These Home Projects Before the Fourth!

Jun 24, 2016

Complete One of These Home Projects Before the Fourth!

Prepare for the Fourth of July

When it comes time to celebrate Independence Day with family and friends, many homeowners throughout the nation want to kick back and relax while enjoying their home and yard. However, before doing so, there are plenty of fantastic home improvement projects that can be done to make a great home look even better.

If you’re getting ready to celebrate our nation’s independence, be sure you’ve done these six home improvement projects before you put a burger on the grill, grab a cool drink, and prepare to enjoy some great fireworks.

Cleaning the Deck

clean-deck If you’ve got a deck, chances are you’ll be using it quite a bit over the summer season. But before you do, it’s a good idea to give it a good cleaning to make it look great in case you have some company over. If you have a power washer, use it to make your deck look like new. Afterward, take some stain and give it a fresh coat to have it looking great for you and your guests.

Along with cleaning, take a few minutes to inspect the deck for any damage. If you find any railing or flooring that needs to be fixed, do so before you get started on any major cleaning project. Not only will this make the deck look like new, but it will also ensure you or anyone else won’t have any unexpected surprises when you take a step or lean against a rail.

Install New Storm Doors

Even though most homes have air conditioning during the summer, there are still those moments when a cool breeze coming through a door feels fantastic. Therefore, if you decide you prefer a cool summer breeze on a warm evening, consider installing new storm doors in both the front and back of your house. While many homes only have main doors, installing storm doors will help protect the main doors from weather damage while also giving your home plenty of cool air.

With many designs from which to choose, homes of all types can have doors installed that will add plenty of style and elegance. In addition to some very welcome cool breezes, storm doors will also allow more natural light to shine in your home, which can help reduce energy costs over the summer.

Energy Efficient Windows

Along with installing storm doors, doing the same with energy efficient windows can also make a tremendous difference over the summer. For many people, energy bills rise tremendously during the summer due to the almost constant use of air conditioning. To keep this from happening, installing energy efficient windows in as many rooms as possible can reduce energy bills significantly during the summer months.

Along with this benefit, the windows can also spruce up the looks of the home itself, adding plenty of style and decor to one room after another. In many cases, homeowners can also qualify for various types of tax credits by installing these windows. Many homeowners receive tax credits up to $500, which can add up to plenty of savings at tax time in addition to the energy savings over the summer and throughout the year.

Spruce Up the Lawn

yard-view Along with warm weather comes the necessity of sprucing up your lawn. When you get ready to start on this project, there are numerous things that can be done. To begin with, clean out any flower beds to get rid of weeds or debris that may have accumulated over the winter and spring. After this, give the grass a good cut to stimulate its growth and make it look great at the same time.

To give the yard some extra pizzazz, plant some new flowers, bushes, or trees around the front and backyard. Not only will this provide some color to the yard, but also some extra privacy. After all these projects are done, give your patio a good cleaning and buy a new set of furniture to impress the neighbors. If all goes well, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood in no time.

Check the Outside Faucets

If there is one thing that always comes in handy when working outside during the summer months, it’s having outside faucets that are in great working order. Whether it’s a faucet near a deck or one located on a wall near a flower bed, it’s important to have all of them working well. In many cases, faucets get damaged over the winter due to having garden hoses that stay connected when temperatures are at their coldest.

faucet When this happens, the water that is left inside the hose and faucet freezes and unfreezes over the winter, putting tremendous strain on the faucet’s pipes. As a result, the pipes can become cracked over time, which leads to them leaking inside the walls where they are located.

When this happens, the result can be water damage to the walls and perhaps nearby rooms, which can lead to potentially thousands of dollars in damage. To keep this from happening, be sure all hoses are disconnected when not in use, and also check for any visible signs of water damage such as cracks in the walls.

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