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Common Summer Plumbing Problems – And How to Avoid Them

May 30, 2018

Summer is finally here, and homeowners everywhere are excited to spend the warm months enjoying the weather and the outdoors with their families and friends. While it’s important to keep your HVAC system ready for the heat (try reading this or this to see our tips on making sure your system stays in top shape), summer can also place stress on a less obvious element of your home – your plumbing. Everyone knows about pipes freezing during winter, but the unique issues that summer places on your plumbing system can be even more stressful and urgent.

Armed with proper maintenance and knowledge of the right things to look out for, you can keep a close eye on your plumbing situation and prevent many issues before they happen. So, what are some common summer plumbing pitfalls to keep in mind this season?

Sprinkler System Leaks

After most of the year not in use, you’re probably eager to get your sprinkler system back to use to help keep your grass green and healthy. However, during its months of hibernation, your sprinkler system likely sustained some wear and tear.

This damage can manifest in several ways, the most common of which is spontaneous underground leaks. These leaks not only hurt your bottom line by increasing your water bill, they can also drown your lawn and kill your grass. In the worst-case scenario, a leaky sprinkler system can leak into your home’s foundation or basement. To identify problems and work to prevent any negative effects, turn on your system slowly and closely inspect your sprinkler heads and hoses for leaks. Relatively inexpensive replacement parts pay for themselves in preventing possible damage to your lawn or home.

Washing Machine Wear and Tear

Summer is without a doubt the prime season for outdoor adventures and consequently dirty clothes. Winter offers a fair amount in terms of volume of laundry with wearing layers, but the dirt, sweat, and grime of outdoor projects and trips put a huge strain on your washer. With heavy use and possible buildup of dirt and grime, your washer could be at risk.

When doing laundry this summer, be sure to stick to smaller loads in order to avoid potential overflows and blockages. Behind the machine, be sure to check its hoses for wear as these could become leaks that make for a very difficult mess to clean up. Take care of your washer keep on adventuring worry-free.

Garbage Disposal Issues

It’s barbecue season, with guests coming over for gatherings and family cookouts to enjoy the weather. With the grill in mind, you and your family might wish to make use of local farmers markets, buying the fresh produce that helps make the season so special. However, fresh produce can be tougher on your garbage disposal than you might think.

With an increased volume-of-use overall, and especially when dealing with tough materials (like plant husks fat or grease), it’s easier for your garbage disposal to clog. Know what to put in, and know what to put in the trash instead. Fruit pits, bones, tough rinds, cooking oil, or grease are all prime culprits of garbage disposal clogs. Keep an eye on what goes in, and make sure that your summer stays clog-free!

Sump Pump Update

With sometimes-intense summer storms and Indiana’s unpredictable weather, your sump pump is a vital home element to keep up-to-date. Basement flooding is a nasty – and costly – problem to handle, and a pump is your first line of defense. During spring, excessive rain can force your sump pump to work harder than usual to keep water out of your house, and that can lead to wear and tear.

Be sure to inspect your system with the warm weather, and make sure it doesn’t seem to be worn down or struggling. Proper maintenance and replacement when necessary are keys to a flood-free home through summer and beyond.

No matter your plumbing or HVAC issues this summer, Johnson Comfort is ready to help. Give us a call at (317) 881-7738 today, and we’ll be sure your summer is spent as smoothly as possible.

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